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Crocheting the Diagonal Stripe Dishcloth

I crocheted the Diagonal Stripe pattern from Dishcloths earlier this week and enjoyed it a lot.

It was an incredibly fast project!  I'm glad I had it around, because I was trying to upload pictures and write other posts and this gave me something to do with my anxious hands while my Internet slowed to a crawl and eventually crashed.

The pattern calls for ecru and medium blue yarns, but I thought this would look bright and preppy with white and bright blue.

Yes, preppy.

I like this!  It's very crisp and has simple lines.  It's full of pep and prep and I didn't even know a dishcloth could need those qualities.

 You do have to cut your colors for each stripe, but that's not such a big deal in crocheting.  I just lay both of my yarn tails across my work and crochet around them.

Then I just need to trim the ends that are left sticking out, rather than weave them all in.  I used an H hook, but could have had a thicker fabric if I'd used a G.  The pattern calls for an I hook, but I have a pretty loosey-goosey gauge.

This is a fine dishcloth for wiping down counters and cleaning up spills, though.  Plus, I think the yarn will fluff up just a little after a trip through the washer and dryer.  As always, I used Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn and I think this is a nice dishcloth.  Maybe even upstanding.

But I think that's the preppy colors making a good impression on me.

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