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Did Someone Say "Granny Squares"?!

I've started the Granny Square Market Bag from Totes and Bags because it's a market bag made with granny squares. 

Look at it!  It's a market bag made with granny squares!  Two of my favorite things!

When my husband saw me flipping through the book, he asked "Haven't you already made a market bag?"  I replied, "Uh, no.  This is a granny square market bag. What I made last time was circles crocheted into squares that were supposed to be a purse that I made into a market bag by adding rows."

We held eye contact.

"So yes." I finally said.

I do love a good market bag.

I decided to use cotton yarn instead of acrylic because all that dishcloth-making making has left me with a ton of cotton scraps, and a lot of those scraps are bright and beautiful.

I fall into the trap of thinking handmade things need to be treated with extra care (unless it's dishcloths.  Those get some crazy cleaning abuse), even when I know how sturdily constructed they are because I did the constructing!  So I'm hoping that at least being able to wash this finished object like a dishcloth because some squash was muddy or some milk leaked on it will help me drag out reusable bags more often.

Also, I think this is going to be incredibly pretty.  I haven't decided if I'll crochet the stripes on the side panels yet, but I want to do some kind of multicolored thing.  I'm using navy blue yarn as my main color, and I'm trying to stick with really bright colors. 

I'm also trying to make sure I don't make the same square twice.

I'll work on this as I have the scraps to do so.  This calls for 40 squares altogether, and then I'll use scraps and more of my main color for the bottom, side panels, and straps.  7 and 1/2 squares in, and I'm already really enjoying this!

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