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Grin and Bear It

Well.  I didn't finish the sweater and it was so hot this weekend I didn't want to.  We had a few days of cardigan weather and they left.  We're back to sweaty days and moderately comfortable nights.  Plus, that little sweater is not so little.  The gauge is fine, but my size-guessing skills are not. My little girl can wear that sweater next year.  Or whatever year it is when she's in second grade.

So while that sweater sits in timeout, I decided on a cute hat.  You have to wear something cute to the pumpkin patch--even if it's not flannel/sweater/anything fall-looking season just yet.

So I made a bear hat and that turned out to be awesome!

Because it has tassels.

The tassels are braided.  I feel like that's EXTRA cute.
And because bear hat.  


An added bonus to the cuteness is that the Bear Hat pattern from Hats and Diaper Covers 2 has some of the easiest ear flap instructions ever, which really meant a lot to me on this hat for some reason.  Nothing too crazy, and they look just fine!  Sometimes patterns with ear flaps just make you do too much work and the end result isn't anything special and I'm just irritated thinking about it.  Anyway, these were great.  The instructions were so simple that if I explained them, I'd be giving away the pattern and that's not allowed.

So lets talk about the ears, then!

I crocheted them together by making single crochets through each circle's back ridges.  I thought it would make the ears stand up a little bit better and I don't like sewing.

I somehow lost my way sewing them on, but went with it because I'm not exactly trying to make my child look like an actual bear (and like I said, I don't want to sew).  When you're making a crocheted hat for a toddler, it is not the time to get bogged down in realistic details.

Also, floppy ears on a kid hat are adorable.

Oh, and did I mention that my little cub liked her hat?  She did!  I put it on her head and yelled that we were going to have an adventure, so she thought the hat was part of it.  Just like that, this little hat turned into an Adventure Hat!  I don't really know what that means, but we've been putting Adventure Hats on her since her infancy.  Sometimes you just need the right accessories for certain experiences.

My crochet gauge is a bit large and her head is a bit small (at least by toddler standards), so worsted weight yarn and an I hook made a hat for your average 3-6 month old baby that was plenty big enough for my girl.

And, it turns out, for me too.

I'm not even sure why I tried this on.  We'll say it was research.

It's a bit snug, but that's okay.  I don't think I'll borrow this any time soon, but I like that hats can be worn fairly large and grown into later.  I like that my sweet girl was a trooper who would grin and bear it (I'm sorry.  But not very!) and wear the hat for my amusement and for this post.  And I really, really like those tassels.

The tassels are braided.  It had to be said again.

This is such a fun hat!

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