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Have You Told Your Yarn You Love It?

It's I Love Yarn Day!  I like this holiday because I love yarn.  LOVE.

 Maybe too much.

There's a good chance that if you're reading this blog (bless your heart! And thanks!), you also love yarn.  So hi!  Leisure Arts also seems to love yarn because all of their crochet and knitting titles are 25% off this weekend (October 11-13, 2013) in celebration of I Love Yarn Day!  Whoa. Nelly.

I could finally figure out what to do with this one skein of Lion Brand Amazing.

I've been getting emails from my local yarn stores about this most blessed of days.  Many stores are having sales on this wonderful product so that crafters can get even more colorful, squishy, soft, YARN.

I'm also getting emails from yarn stores that aren't so local because sometimes when I go visit family or new places, I check out the yarn store and put my name on their email list.  Which is why I think of my 'local' yarn store across the state line whenever I think about certain brands of yarn. 

2 out these 3 yarns were bought in Memphis when I was visiting my sister.

Like I said, I love yarn--all brands, weights, colors, and fibers.  From this:

To this.


I love seeing what it can turn into.

A Zimmermann garter stitch heart with a pocket made out of Aracunia Nature Cotton. This was my husband's Valentine this year.

 I love all the possibilities I consider when I'm buying it, stacking it together in my lap while I look at a pattern, or just when I photograph because I like to see it.

A granny square (triangle) banner with fall colors.

 I love seeing what other people can do with it.

Yarn bomb at the Arkansas Arts Center last month.

I love anything strange and odd.

Yes, I know ruffle yarn isn't a big deal to some of you but when I loom knitted a scarf with this stuff I felt like the most adventurous crafter EVER.

I love that you can give (or get!) it as a present.

Beginner crochet starter pack I made for one of my sisters.

In case I haven't said it enough, I love yarn.

Yes, I did arrange this and take a picture of it for a post. And because it's pretty.

 So tell your yarn that you love it.  And maybe even run out and buy some more of it.  And then head out to to get some patterns on sale.  
And then turn your yarn into something beautiful.

Happy I Love Yarn Day!

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