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It's a Nice Day for a Wedding Dishcloth

My husband's cousin got married last weekend and you know what that means!

I had to shower the happy couple with good wishes and a stack of dishcloths!

And some cutting boards because they were on the registry.

These are all dishcloths I've written about before, but I wanted to show them to you again.

Sometimes I get a little bummed that I make a dishcloth, blog about it, and throw it in the gift stash and it never gets any praise or recognition again.  And sometimes I think about things I want to say about dishcloths after I've written about them and I want a second chance!  And yes, of course I did this with papers and the essay portions of tests for nearly TWO YEARS after I graduated from college!

Like this heart dishcloth from Holiday Knit Dishcloths.

 I don't think I ever mentioned that I think my favorite thing about this dishcloth is that the heart is made of two lines instead of being one big purled heart.  I think this design looks much cleaner this way.  I want to make one for my own family for Valentine's Day because I get pretty excited about that holiday, and I love having this pattern on hand for wedding presents.

And this Swirl Dishcloth from Dishcloths.

It's just six rows of alternating colors.  Or six colors.  Whatever you want!  It's a quick and easy dishcloth that is just so pretty.  I made 6 of them in one weekend once, and I've been having the same urge to do it again lately.  I want to use superhero colors, and make dishcloths that look Captain America's shield or Iron Man's reactor core on his suit.  I think those would look really great.

Here's the Spiral Dishcloth from Dishcloths and the Nine Patch dishcloth from Knit Dishcloths.  They're both homey and simple patterns that have beautiful designs.  They're unabashedly handmade-looking patterns, and I like that.  They look like something a grandma would make (in a good way) and I'd love to have them in my kitchen.

And of course, here's a fun dishcloth dress for the newlyweds' first married bottle of Joy or Dawn or whatever it is the kids use these days.

This is the Going Dancing Pattern #1 from Dishcloth Dresses.  I had originally wanted to give the happy couple a stack of dishcloths in only reds and whites, but then I wanted to include this dishcloth dress with its bright kelly green and hot pink stripes.  So I mixed up the rest of the dishcloths to include a little more variety.

Oh, and do you see the Off-Center Granny Square from Dishcloths at the top of this picture?

Okay, good.  I didn't have too much to say about it, but I wanted to make sure you saw because it's a cute thing to do with a granny square and I'm proud of it.  It has cheerful colors and I like it.

I didn't have a chance to attend any of the wedding showers for my cousin-in-law, so we just brought a gift bag full of kitchen goodness to the wedding and then spent the evening eating cupcakes and dancing with friends and family.  But I'm hoping she liked this collection of pretty and bright dishcloths.  
Thanks for indulging me with with all this dishcloth talk!  Sometimes those dishcloth-a-week posts aren't enough for me.  Yes, there will be another post about dishcloths this week.  There are just so many dishcloth patterns to talk about!  A wealth of dishcloths!  An embarrassment of riches!
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