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Knitting a Spooktacular Dishcloth

Happy Halloween!  I knitted a dishcloth to celebrate.

See?  It's a haunted house.  I made it by taking the House pattern from Knit Dishcloths, and then knitting in blood red yarn.

Yeah.  Those could be two chimney stacks on the top, or they could be horns.  Like on a demon or a monster. 

Chimneys of blurry doom?  Or something?

Okay, fine.  You got me.

I'm not a Halloween person!  I almost never watched scary movies growing up because I'm from a nightmare-prone family.  I buy my own candy now!  I don't understand all this spoopy creppy stuff happening on the Internet, even though I do enjoy it.  I have never dressed up as a sexy [profession, animal, or object].  I've dressed up as a redneck for the past 4 years  because I already had the clothes for it.

In fact, I still haven't even finished my kid's Halloween costume!

Actually, that is a fall activity that scares the daylights out of me.

But the rest of it?  Meh.  I'll watch a zombie movie every couple of years and then I'm set for a while.  And since I already knitted a jack o'lantern dishcloth, I thought a haunted house would be fun.

And I guess it is fun, but it's not particularly scary.

Still, this might be a nice housewarming present--especially for someone who doesn't read here.  Or maybe I could give it to someone and say it's the cabin in the woods from that scary movie I never got around to watching!  What?  I have friends who would actually be excited about that.

And the more I look at this pattern, the more I think I would like it in an off-white yarn.  Or in some nice neutral tones for an afghan made up of these squares and some of the other patterns in Knit Dishcloths.  And if knitting isn't your thing, you could Knook this!  Because if you want to try Knooking, a dishcloth would be the perfect piece to practice on.

It wouldn't be scary.  And that's fine.  I don't think knitting should be scary, anyway.

Happy Halloween!

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