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Knitting the Bachelor's Puzzle Dishcloth

When I was traveling to my sister's this weekend for her first baby shower, I knitted the Bachelor's Puzzle pattern from Knit Dishcloths

Why?  Because dishcloth knitting is some of the best travel knitting there is.  It's worked flat, small (and therefor easily contained), and because dishcloths are just great.

If you're especially travel-minded, you can also make these patterns with a Knook because Knit Dishcloths has instructions for either.  You'd have even less of a risk of dropping stitches, and you'd have some excellent Knooking practice.

And, if you take I-40, you should bring an extra skein of yarn.  You might have time to make TWO of these great dishcloths.

Picture slightly blurry because the vehicle was moving at roughly 5 m.p.h. I wasn't driving.

Ask me how I know!

I really wish I'd packed an extra skein of cotton yarn....

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