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This is Why You Have a Gift Stash

My dear friend's birthday was nearly two months ago and I still haven't given her a present.  I'll be seeing her this weekend, and I didn't want to meet her empty-handed and I have a cowl that's barely started but I don't know if I can finish it in time and there's something about cowls triggering something in my memory and oh hey:

Remember these?

Because I didn't.  At all.

I have a gift stash in my bedroom that consists almost entirely of dishcloths and a few baby hats.  But this Shells with a Twist cowl hadn't been stitched up yet, so it was buried with yarn and WIPs in my craft corner. 

I had practically an entire cowl just waiting to be given to someone!  For Pete's sake.

I feel a little like those squirrels who wind up planting whole forests because they forget where they bury their acorns.  I'm all for having a gift stash, but it's only as good as the person maintaining it.  And while I did remember some of the cowls and scarves I'd put in there, I wanted something bright.  Something like the red cowl.  That I forgot I had.

All I had to do was stitch it together and weave in my ends.  And ta da!  Gift.

I'd recommend Crochet Cowls for anyone who likes to have cowls on hand.  Or, you know, just anyone who likes crocheting and cowls.  But the Shells with a Twist, in my not-even-remotely-humble opinion, should be your go-to pattern.  It uses a little under 300 yards of medium weight yarn, looks awesome worn long or doubled up, and is a quick and easy pattern.

Doubled, and with derp face.
Super long.  I love how cowls always fit.

I know all this because I've made 3.5 of them, and blogged about themTwice.

If you're in the mood this weekend, I highly suggest you try out one of the cowls from Crochet Cowls this very weekend.  I'm going to dig through my stash--both the yarn stash and the gift stash--to see what other magical wonders I uncover.

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