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Thoughts I had While Making a Crocheted Giraffe Hat for a Baby

Could I make this in a size for myself?  Would that be weird?

That would probably be weird.  I think I could handle it, though.

This is so cute.

What if I make this for my baby nephew and he doesn't wear it on his first trip to the zoo?  Would I ever come back from that?

What are those things on giraffes' heads called?  Horns?  Nubs?

Oh, wikipedia says they're ossicones.  Weird.

Why has it never occurred to me to make the little pieces first, and then make the hat?  I always balk a little once I've made a whole hat and then I have to fiddle around with eyes or ears or beaks or ossicones.

I could be a baby hat-making machine!  A machine, I tell you!

I may already be a baby hat-making machine.

I don't know if that's a good thing.

I probably don't care.

I love baby hats.

This would look so much better on an actual baby head.  I'm not sure what it says about me as a mom or a crafter that I can guess if a cake of yarn is the size of a baby's head.

If I made the ears a bit bigger and used green yarn, could I make a Yoda hat? 

I bet I could make a Yoda hat.  I don't know of any babies who need one, but it could be a nice thing to have in case of a Star Wars baby emergency. That's probably a thing.

I forgot to lightly stuff the ears!  They seems to stand up okay.

I hope the baby doesn't mind.

I hope he loves this hat.

I love this hat.

*The Giraffe hat pattern is from Hats and Diaper Covers.

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