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Classic for a Reason

My sister's baby showers have come and gone and I have just a few more things I want to make before my little nephew gets here.  I've been thinking a lot about  him, and about baby gifts in general.

Throw in a pacifier and some diapers, and I think this might be all you need to raise a child.

When I was pregnant, I had a lot of people me "I always loved X" as I was opening presents at showers--which were invariably the X those people were talking about.  I love that quality babies bring out in people.  They tend to get the things they love the most, and then give them to new parents.  I don't know what this impulse is called, but I love it and I've noticed it's not limited to parents.  Some of the best toys  my daughter has are the ones my friends loved when they were little.

And some of my favorite stories to read my little girl are from the books loved ones enjoyed when they were growing up, and then gave to her.

Some things are considered classics just because so many people have happy memories associated with them.  No one really needs to know how to work a turntable anymore, but people still give children those little record players.  I liked them when I was little, and so I got one for my little girl.  She likes it just as much as I do, and maybe she'll give her record player to her kids some day.

If you've ever visited the Leisure Arts website, you'll notice that the Rainbow Set is always one of the top sellers.  I love to see the happy reviews people write for it.  I've seen people on Ravelry talk about how they couldn't find the pattern and just tried to wing from their very own baby blankets.  This one is actually my husband's.

My own blanket--because yes, I have one too--is at my parents' house.  My sister has her husband's blanket.  I still see these in homes and church nurseries.

It's such a beautiful pattern.  It's a nice size: a little larger than your average baby blanket and lightweight enough to wrap around a baby without being too bulky.  It's a truly wonderful gift.

One of the first posts I wrote for Every Day Life at Leisure was on some of the amazing modifications crocheters had made to the pattern.  I'm planning to write another post like that again in a few weeks because people do some wonderfully creative things to this pattern.

Right now, I just thought I'd praise this sweet little blanket pattern just as it is.  Some things are perfect just the way they are.


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