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Crafting with Kids: A Sometimes Series

I've written about crafting with my little girl before, but thought it would be fun if I had a series where I very irregularly wrote about the varying degrees of success I had with trying out Leisure Arts crafts projects with a toddler.  So here we are: Crafting with Kids.

I have one kid, and she's very small, so your results may vary.  But my creature likes to do a craft every now and then, which means we usually glue pieces of felt or paper to other pieces of felt or paper.  She's very interested in letters and numbers right now, so I thought one of the crafts from Decorating with Letters would be perfect for us.

And sure enough, the Glittered Foam Flowers design was right up her alley!

My little girl, like nearly all other two-year-olds, loves stickers so I thought this would be fun.  I decided to pass on glitter stickers because my husband tends to get pretty stressed and panicky about glitter in the house, and instead just bought a bin of plain foam stickers on sale at Michael's.  I also bought a plain white letter because I think painting with kids can be really fun--but not in an apartment.

One weekend morning, we tried it out!

I picked out a mix of flowers in different sizes and colors, and helped my crafty creature peel the backing off of the stickers.  After that, it was all her.

She had fun mixing the centers of some flower stickers, and I thought she might even enjoy putting some smaller stickers on top of larger ones for a layered look. 

But her patience didn't last that long, and she decided she needed to color or read a book or play her xylophone.  I don't remember.  One of those things.

So this was her finished product.

So now I'm left with a half-decorated letter and a giant bin of foam stickers.

Just to review, this is the picture from the book:


And this is the picture of what we made:


From a decorating standpoint, this is not impressive. 

But as a kid's craft project goes?  I'm calling it a smashing success!

I spent $6 or $7 and my little girl and I had a really fun half-hour working on this. Afterward, I told her we could hang the letter up in her room and she grabbed her 'E' and carried it off to her room exclaiming "I'm going to play with my craft!" 

I've found her playing with this a few times now, peeling the stickers off and placing them on other parts of the letter.  I'm not sure how much longer this will last, but I think it's going to be a spectacular craft as long as it does!
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