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Crocheting a Little Ladybug Hat

I've been crocheting a lot of baby hats lately (you might have noticed) and I've had several pattern books out and scattered around the house during the process.  The cover of Hats and Diaper Covers tends to catch my daughter's eye. 

She's a big fan of most insects, or at least picture versions of them, and she's been especially interested in antennae lately. 

Last weekend, I finally decided to ask her directly if she'd like a hat like the baby on the cover and she just held the book in her hands and smiled.  I took that as a "yes."  So I packed my yarn and my slightly-too-large-for-gauge crochet hook* and set off to my weekly knit night.  I hadn't been in nearly a month, and in my excitement for the joyous return for knitting and talk and grown up socializing time I forgot to pack one of my knitting needles for my intended project. 



On to that ladybug hat!

I was not only able to crochet the hat and its pieces in a couple of hours, but I was able to weave in  my ends and stitch on the extra pieces! 

Because I remembered my yarn needle, but not my knitting needle.  Which, I am a little embarrassed to tell you, I still can't find.  It's a Size 13 bamboo knitting needle.  Where could it go?!

Anyway, I was all exhilarated by the grown up time and I'm very used to the make-up of these hat patterns by now.  Also, I'm a very fast crocheter.  I'm not especially skilled, but I'm fast and I can even correct my mistakes pretty quickly at this point.  The secret it out. That's how I can make a hat in a couple of hours--that, and it's a small and simple hat.  You can probably do it, too. 

I'll go ahead and say you can definitely make this hat in a couple of hours, give or take a little bit of time.  Also, I'm making this claim based on the assumption that you can crochet.  I hope you can.  Crocheting will make your life so much better!

Then you can make all the ladybug hats your heart desires!

I must say, those antennae are even better than I dared to hope they would be.

And my little creature was happy with the hat as well!  Once I convinced her that this was not a hat for her baby cousin, and that I'd made it all for her so she could dress up like a lady bug, she couldn't wait to put it on!

About those spots: they're made by making double crochets in a ring.  It's pretty standard stuff, and sometimes that can leave a hole in the center of your work.  Whenever I made my beginning loop, I made sure to have enough length for a long tail.  Then I'd thread that extra yarn through my yarn needle, and make a few loops through the center hole and tied a knot so that the red of the hat wouldn't show through the spot once it was sewn on.

Another tip: this hat will also double as a doll cocoon.  That tip is courtesy of my little bug.  You're welcome.

*I should be using a G hook if I want to make a hat that fits a 6ish month old baby.  But I want it to fit my baby, who is 6 months plus 2 years plus some more months, so I crochet it a bit larger with an H hook.

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