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Knitting the Most Glorious Fall Cowl Ever

That title is not hyperbole.  This cowl is glorious.

Go ahead and click on this picture to make it big and just take this in. I'll wait.

Remember when I said I wanted to cast on a hat with this yarn?

I changed my mind.  Or just shifted it a little bit.  I wanted an accessory in fall colors that featured some twists.  So I picked the Berry Twist cowl pattern from Hats & More.  And I finally found the perfect pattern for this Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica that I bought back in March!

I'm sensing a theme in my yarn preferences.

The Berry Twist calls for bulky weight yarn, and the yarn I used was bulky weight--even though it's thick and thin.  My gauge was fine with it, though (even with the recommended needle size!  It's a sign from the heavens that I needed to make this cowl!).  BUT: using the thick and thin yarn with a cable pattern completely changed the look of the cowl.  And I love it.  It's so....rumpled!  Kind of like leaves on the ground.

I was a little worried that using variegated yarn in a cabled pattern would look too messy or muddy, but I think it's fine.  The knitted fabric is a bit more jumbled-looking than if I'd knitted in a plain stockinette, but I'm going to keep stretching the fall leaves comparison even more and say that it's what I was planning for.  It's actually not what I planned, but I'm completely delighted with what I got.

Twisty cables with thick and thin variegated yarn!  All my wool-related dreams are coming true.

You can knit the Berry Twist in two sizes, which I love.  Sometimes I see more snug-fitting cowls that are only available for very small wearers--or very large wearers--and it's inevitably not the size I want to make.  So yay for options!  I cast on the number of stitches for the smaller version, but then knitted it to nearly the height of the larger cowl.  It's not quite the larger version because I started to run out of yarn and had to finish this up before I completely ran out.  I'm a short person, but I wanted my cowl to have a little extra height because I like scrunched up cowls.  Also, as much as I love crafting beautiful and stylish accessories, I love cowls best when they're warm.  And the Berry Twist is wonderfully wooly and warm.

But I have to also say that it certainly is beautiful and stylish and fall-like.  I know there's only a few weeks left in fall, but there's nothing to stop me from wearing this glorious creation well through this winter and into next spring.

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