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Lots of Garter Stitch = Lots of Love

 My love of garter stitch, muted tones, and lovely yarns has yet to let up.  Well, my love of garter stitch will probably always live proud and strong.  It's easy to knit, but has a lot possibilities, and I genuinely enjoy the way it looks.  It's simple and clean-looking with just a little bit of texture.  It's quick and lovely and if I ever knit something for you with garter stitch, you should know that I've made it with a great deal of affection for you.

Vast expanse of love!

I still have a little bit of Cascade's Alpaca Lana D'Oro yarn left, and so I used some of it to make the Baby Hat from Garter Stitch for Baby

This was such an interesting knit!  Shush, garter stitch patterns can be very interesting.  This is worked flat, and uses two colors, and three needle sizes.  Yes, three.  Instead of decreasing stitches, you just use smaller needles as you work your way up the hat.  For some reason, this cracked me up.  It gives the hat a tighter gauge up top, and your work is starting to curve inward a bit before you ever get to the three decrease rounds.  It's a neat little trick, and the only thing simpler would be to knit the Basic Paper Bag Hat from Warm Hats for Wee Noggins

So I did that, too.

I'm not sure why the top part isn't a little more scrunched up, but I like that now the baby won't look like he's wearing a paper bag on top of his head so much as he'll look like a wrapped up piece of candy.

Which is a thought that appeals to me very much.

I actually ran out of yarn and the piece of knitting is a couple of inches shorter than this size I intended to make.  But if you know anything about garter stitch, then you know this little hat can grow with its wearer!  If my sister rolls down the brim, her little boy can wear this hat until he's probably two!

So I made two very different little hats, even though they're both made up of worked-flat garter stitch.  I love you, versatile garter stitch!  You're glorious and you'll look so simple and beautiful on my nephew!  You're truly the best.

I still have a little bit of yarn left, and Garter Stitch for Baby has a nice mitten pattern.

 This baby is going to be covered in garter stitch and love! 

Which, to me, is mostly the same thing.

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