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Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting the African Flower Motif Dishcloth

I tried out the dishcloth pattern from Learn to Crochet African Flower Motifs because crocheting a dishcloth version of something is always my very favorite way to try out a new motif, stitch, or technique.

I was a little confused and mystified by this motif because it seemed vaguely granny square-like, but it was still something new and strange.  I was pretty excited when I figured out how the flower part was made, though.

Can you see it?

Hint: that orange row has stitches that reach down into a stitch 2 rows down.  Amazing.

So here it is!

And now I know 1) how to crochet the African flower motif, which is very pretty and interesting and 2) that I really like the African flower motif because it's very pretty and interesting.  And!  It's fun to crochet!

As a bonus, this is a pretty fun way to use up scrap yarn.  Like any good dishcloth pattern, this just calls for your standard cotton yarn and a medium hook.  I used an I hook because even though an H hook would have given me a more solid fabric, I think it would have made the extended stitches and the corners a little too bunchy.  I still think this will do a beautiful job of cleaning while look beautiful.

I think this would look better with more vibrant colors, though--maybe some pink and some other color would look good with red.  Or white. Or maybe even a bright blue.  I'm wondering about using different shades of light blues to see if this would look like a snowflake.  Or if I want something that looks more like a sunflower.  Or maybe I should have tried out 5 or 6 color combinations.  That's fine, though.  I want more chances to make this pattern again!  I think I'll be trying it out a few more times very soon.

It's got a lot of possibilities to mix up or match different colors, and I do enjoy a good scrap yarn project.  Especially when it makes something so pretty!

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