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Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting the Basket Weave Dishcloth Because I Can Do That Now

This week I revisited my old friend Dishcloths and tried out the Basket Weave Dishcloth from the Dramatic Dishcloths trio.

It's the one on the right that looks like it's woven.  Just to be obvious.

What I've got isn't quite that dramatic since I didn't use the recommended black yarn.  Black is always very dramatic.  But I had yarn for an almost excessively cheerful and patriotic dishcloth, and I went with that.  Gosh, I wish I had a blanket that looked like this for picnics.

I tried this pattern several months ago, but it didn't work.  It was so long ago, I don't know when it happened even though I searched this blog's archives and through a few months' worth of pictures on my computer.  I think it might have been one of those projects that was such a tremendous fail that my brain blocked it all out as a protection mechanism.  It's happened before.  Plenty of times.

Edit: I found a post about it. Bless my heart.

So what went differently this time?  Well, it turns out I was somehow missing instructions about what do to on the first and last stitches of each row, and freaking out a bit and second-guessing myself into ripping back the project unnecessarily.  That's happened before, too.  Again, plenty of times.  Ugh.

Let me be honest and say that this is odd-looking, so it could be easy to think I messed it up.

 So if I were to advise you about anything ever, I would say "JUST PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PATTERN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THOSE WORDS ON THE PAGE MEAN."  I think that's really the best advice you can give someone attempting to make something a pattern.  Read the pattern.  Always read the pattern.  It's that simple.  Oh, and STOP SECOND-GUESSING YOURSELF.  YOU'RE DOING GREAT, YOU MAGNIFICENTLY CREATIVE BEING!!!! JUST PLUG THROUGH IT AND SEE WHAT YOU GET!

I'm not going to apologize for yelling.  We all deserve to have someone yell at us and tell us how great we are sometimes. 

This basket weave construction is made up of front post double crochet stitches and back post double crochet stitches.  This is good practice for anyone learning front post and back post stitch techniques, but now that I'm familiar with them I have to say it's more fun to make this dishcloth when I know what I'm doing.  I love nearly every single one of the seventeen patterns in Dishcloths, and I can say that because I've made more than half of them and now that I've dug my book out from behind a shelf, I'm planning to try a few more.  I can't wait!

But to bring it back to the Basket Weave pattern, I have to say that I'm very happy with how this turned out and I think you should make it because 1) you can. I have faith in you! And 2) this is beautiful!  If you give this as a gift, your recipient should be really impressed because I think this construction is super interesting and attractive. 

I love this dishcloth pattern because it's pretty and practical.  All that front post/back post work makes this nearly twice as thick as your average dishcloth, with plenty of texture to boot. This is going to do some serious dish-cleaning work, and look so dadgummed good while doing it.  I may have let the Basket Weave dishcloth defeat me in the past (have I ever told you that I take it kind of personally when a pattern doesn't work out? You might have picked up on that), but now I'm starting to wonder if it's my new favorite.  There's a lot of color combination possibilities, the pattern is easy to follow once you get into the swing of things, and the result is awesome.

Yup, probably my new favorite.

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