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Working with Ruffle Yarn: A Video Tutorial

Confession: I don't really get ruffle yarn.

There's usually less than 100 feet per skein, and you can get a whole scarf out it.  It's classified as super bulky.  It almost always sparkles.

And it's just so ruffly. This is not a quality I expect from yarn!  The occasional bit of glitter, sure.  But yarn that looks like lace and knits up in layers of ruffly-ness?  Blows my mind.

I've only worked with it once, and I used a loom.  I'd never used a loom before and was feeling extra confused as a result, but I think having those pegs to keep the yarn laid out and flat helped me quite a bit.

That loom brought order to crafting chaos.

However, if you want to use knitting needles ......well for starters, bless you!  Bless you, brave soul!  You are embarking on a magical journey filled with learning and adventure!  Knitting involves magic, right? 

And secondly, here's a tutorial video for you!

(You can also watch it here.)

This explained a lot for me.  It was reassuring to see that even the all-knowing voice and hands in these videos can get a little flummoxed at times AND to see that most mistakes made with ruffle yarn are easy enough to remedy if you catch them in time.

The best part for me was the instructions on how to finish off your knitting project with ruffle yarn. I've read instructions about how to sew it up before, but seeing someone else do it was incredibly helpful.

Speaking of helpful, let me just tell you about Loom Knit Hats & Scarves because that has a ruffle scarf that you can knit on a loom.

And there's also Skinny Scarves, which has a pattern for a ruffle scarf that you knit with regular ol' knitting needles.

And, as always, the Leisure Arts YouTube channel has lots of video tutorials about knitting, crocheting, duct tape crafts, wreath-making--you name it, and it may be on there.

Also, the video tutorial page at Leisure Arts features high-definition video tutorials organized by craft and even has tutorials for specific publications!  And that includes Loom Knit Hats & ScarvesAs well as Skinny Scarves!  Exclamation points are extra helpful!

But for real, this video was great and I got a lot out of it.  So I hope you do, too!  Because if I can ever offer up some tips (or just links) to knitters on their magical journey of education and adventure, I'm going to do it.  Happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “Working with Ruffle Yarn: A Video Tutorial”

  • Beth

    I have some of that yarn. I tried a scarf but thought it was too tight so I took it apart. I am going to watch that video and see what I was doing wrong. Maybe I can make one of those ruffly things after all. I will have to hunt down doing one on a loom cause I have a loom too. Thanks for the info.

    • Jen

      The loom really straightened things out for me--literally. It kept the yarn in place and made working with it a little more manageable. Best of luck to you, because I really think it's a good tool to have!

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