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A Crocheted Stripey Christmas Stocking!

I crocheted a Christmas stocking!  I think you can crochet just about anything, and Treasury of Holiday Crochet has some great stocking patterns to try out.

It's for my little artist, who let me use her the whiteboard on her easel and also added some notes to my writing.

This is the Big Guy's Christmas Stocking, which calls for worsted weight yarn and an I hook.  I used an H hook because my gauge tends to run a bit large, but I don't think it would have made much of a difference.  The crocheted fabric of this is plenty thick and extra Christmasy.  I had some lime green yarn around, so I used that instead of the 'medium green' yarn called for in the Materials list.  Plus, I hoped it would look very bright and childlike.
It is, and I'm so excited.  I love this!
This is about a foot long, and it looks homemade in an earnest sort of way.  I'm not sure if this will look faddish in a few years, but I'm not too bothered.  This is incredibly lovely, and some of my favorite Christmas keepsakes are a bit outdated.  I hope my little girl loves this forever.  
She already likes it a lot right now--she keeps wearing it around like a sock.  I guess she's making precious memories.  It's the same level of enthusiasm I hoped for when I was weaving in ends and sewing up seams.  This is worked flat, by the way.
These stripes are achieved by carrying yarn up a bit every couple of rows.  
No big deal, these are on the inside.
The cuff is made separately and crocheted on last.  The heel business is a bit tricky, but the pattern is rated "Easy" in the book so I'm going to take it at its word.

Short row magic!

I will be honest and admit that the toe gave me pause (I think part of the pattern was cut off on the instructions for one half of the toe), but I went ahead and worked the second half just like the first and sewed them together.  It turned out completely fine!

I think the fact that you can't even tell what I was talking about by looking at this picture is a good thing.  It came out fine!  I skipped some of the frou frou stuff on the top of the cuff because 1) I didn't quite understand how it worked and 2) didn't think it quite went with the neon green and 3) I thought it might look a a little off when I made one of these for my husband.

Because we're all getting new stockings this year!  I'm halfway through the leg of my second stocking, and I think the heel and toe of my stocking will be neon yellow and I'll use bright blue for my husband's.  We're going to have such bright Christmas stockings! 

I can't wait!

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