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A Tutu for Every Occasion--Maybe Even for a Snow Day!

We were snowed in this past weekend, and by Day 3 I was starting to get a little stir crazy.  The fridge and freezer were cleaned out, laundry had been done, and several projects had been started and cast aside out of restlessness.  I stuck my daughter in her high chair with some pieces of felt and glue while I unraveled a scarf for yarn because I couldn't get out to the craft store for some of the other projects I wanted to try.

Or couldn't I?

I saw that the Christmas Tutu and T-shirt pattern from A Tutu for Every Occasion was available for individual sale on the Leisure Arts website.

This is just so cute!

My child, tutu-lover extraordinaire, would look adorable in a Christmas tutu!  And she loves Christmas!  And this has bells!  And glitter!  This would be so fun to make!

But.  I knew my nearest Michael's didn't have the green tulle ribbon with dots.  Or it didn't last week when I looked. 

But maybe it did now that Christmas is a little closer.  And maybe if I dressed up my little girl in such a Christmas-y outfit I could finally take a good picture of her (translation: any picture with her hair out of her face and her pacifier out of her mouth).  And then maybe I could get some Christmas cards out before Christmas! 

And maybe the roads were mostly clear enough that I could put on non-pajama pants and brave the slick spots and bad drivers in order to check out the tulle selection and spend my evening making a tutu!

But then I imagined the look on the AAA tow truck driver's face when I explained my motive for getting out in the ice and inevitably got stuck in a ditch somewhere--or worse.  And I imagined how long I would have to wait in my car for a tow.  And once I reasoned with myself that I could pack measuring tape and a pair of scissors to make a tutu while I waited for rescue, I realized that cabin fever had completely eaten my brain and I had no business operating a car in any kind of weather.

So.........maybe in the next few days?

Because this is adorable and needs to happen in my home.

Maybe you're crafting and travel prospects look a bit better than mine.  I hope you're staying safe and warm with plenty of power and important supplies like glitter tulle!

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