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Christmas Gift Guide: My Favorite Crochet Cowls

It's December!  Your Christmas gift stash is probably not as adequate as you originally thought!  You need quick patterns! You need gift ideas!  I'm going to pretend like I can help!

My gift suggestion for everyone is nearly always either a knitted hat (we are SO going to talk about this later!) or a crocheted cowl.  I was thinking about crochet cowls already because they're pretty perfect.  A good double crochet stitch takes up so much space that you'll have a ready-to-wear item in next to no time, cowls are incredibly fashionable and pretty, and there are approximately a million good designs out there.  Here are four that I've already tried out.  They're all from Crochet Cowls, which is a great pattern book.  I was looking at some of the patterns I haven't tried yet when I realized I could definitely talk at ridiculous length about the patterns I have worked up because I'm pretty dadgummed enthused about crochet cowls in general, and in the patterns in Crochet Cowls.

The first pattern from Crochet Cowls that I tried was the Quick & Easy Button-Up.  Actually, I think this is the first crochet cowl pattern I ever tried, period. 

This was an absolute winner.  It calls for a skein of Lion Brand Amazing, but I think this would look lovely in a solid.  I think it looks best in some kind of gradient or striping yarn, but a solid would work also.

You also get to pick out a couple of cute buttons to dress it up a bit without the fussing around with buttonholes.  The whole pattern is shells, so the entire one-skein wonder is practically buttonholes!  Really attractive and stylish buttonholes.

Depending on your speed and skill, you could finish this in an evening or two.  I am assuming your evenings do not involve toddlers.  Even if you do have life things beyond knitting and crocheting, this would be an ideal quick project and an incredibly lovely gift.

An officially super fast and really lovely cowl pattern is the Quick and Easy Twist.  It takes two skeins of Lion Brand's Thick & Quick yarn.  I wish I'd done this in that tweedy brown colorway.  You know the one.  This would look amazing.  Or in some mustard yellow.  Or in any color, because it certainly doesn't look bad in this off-white yarn.  

This is worked flat and then stitched up.  I think it took up part of my weekend to make.  I was in no real hurry, and I think my hands move more slowly in the summer.  That's not how it normally works, but it's difficult to manipulate yarn into cold-weather creations when you're distracted by heat advisories.  Even so, this cowl was quick and easy.  Duh.  Titles don't lie.

There's also the Short and Sweet Cowl.  I'm not sure why it took me as long as it did to make, but whatever. The extra bit of time was well worth it to make such a thick and scrunchy cowl.  I'm not sure if we can say "scrunchy" in this context.  I'm going it for it, guys.  This cowl fits too closely to be doubled, but it drapes and folds in a nice layering sort of way and it is incredibly extra super warm.  It calls for bulky yarn.  Not SUPER bulky, but you know....chunky.  Husky. Voluptuous.  Full-bodied.  You get a mostly bulky cowl from it. 

I am, as always, sorry about my face.

Plus, please look at this stitch pattern.  I love it.

And lastly, the Shells with a Twist Cowl

It's not quite as quick as the others, but it still doesn't take very much time to crochet to be so long.  It's the same two rows over and over and I have yet to get tired of it.  I also apparently never get tired of talking about it, either.  I make no apologies.  This cowl makes me look tall.

It can be worn doubled (maybe tripled?).

I've made it in worsted weight yarn and in sport weight yarn.  It looks fine either way. Better than fine.  Glorious.

You absolutely need this in your gift stash.  This is another cowl that's worked flat and twisted before stitching your ends together, but I guess there's no reason not to just weave in your ends and call it a beautiful scarf.

Man, I want to make another one of these just thinking about it.

So to recap:  you should make a cowl.  You will be happy. Your recipient will be happy.  My face is odd.  Crochet Cowls is a national treasure.  You can't go wrong with shells. 

Happy hooking!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide: My Favorite Crochet Cowls”

  • Terry Davis

    Cowls are awesome and the ones you talked about are beautiful. I am not sure what you find odd about your face, though. You have a very cute face and I just love the glasses! (for the record, I am not a friend or relative nor I am being paid to make comments about her face. )

    • Jen

      Ha ha, thanks! (I love my glasses, too. They're from good ol' LensCrafters.) I guess I'm just used to uploading tons of pictures of what I've made--and not myself. It was weird to just keep scrolling through pictures of my face until I was convinced there was something wrong with it! Thanks for stopping by. And yes: cowls are very, very awesome!

  • Beverly Bragin

    At 80, wrinkled and lined, oxygen tube in my nose, I can say "sorry about my face", but not you. Young, beautiful, smooth skin, lovely color hair,etc. Keep crafting, modeling and make us feel young and good and anxious to try to pay it forward and knit or crochet something beautiful . I love all that you have made. Beverly

    • Jen

      Well bless you, ma'am! I appreciate that, and if I make it to 80 I'll be demanding everyone look at me and you should too! I hope you have a great holiday season and that your crafting is going well.

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