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Christmas Gift Guide: Pattern Books for Yarn Crafters

Do you have yarn crafters in your life?  I hope you do.  Yarn crafters make excellent knitted or crocheted things and give them to the special people in their lives.  They're talented and kind, and always smell really nice and have the best jokes.  Or so I tell myself because I'm a yarn crafter.

We're also smart!  And attractive!  And humble!

Anywayyyyyy, something yarn crafters like receiving as gifts even more than yarn is pattern books.  Think about it: patterns can be used more than once, always come in the right amount, and no one is ever, ever allergic to them.  If you want to make a yarn crafter happy but aren't sure about what yarn to buy him/her, then patterns are the way to go!

Here are some of my favorites:

Crochet Cowls.

 I know I've talked about this pretty recently, but I wanted to recommend this pattern book one more time because these patterns are so fantastic.  They're lovely finished products, and really fun to make!

Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.

Hats are so fun to knit.  They're easy, portable projects and well, hats.  I love hats!  And I'm wondering why I've never made the pattern on the cover. It's beyond adorable.

Hats and Diaper Covers

And Hats and Diaper Covers 2

Oh my goodness.  If your yarn crafter person has any small people at all to love (or just enjoys the odd bit of charity crocheting), then please give him/her some silly little hats to crochet.  Who doesn't want to make a giraffe hat?  Or a frog hat or a ladybug hat or a bear hat or a puppy dog hat?  Because I've tried each of those and been completely and ridiculously in love with my own handiwork when I was done.  Seriously.  Such fun patterns!

Hats and Scarves.  I have to confess that I haven't made any of the patterns in this.  But I can recommend it as a gift because I keep looking in here and it's killing me that I haven't had time to crochet any of these patterns.  These look fan-freaking-tastic.  See?

One day I will make that hat in the bottom left corner for myself and I will enjoy a wonderful and warm day, you guys.  I can't wait.  Really, I'm incredibly eager to make this.  I've been dreaming about making a new hat for myself lately.

The Knook Value Pack

Do you know someone who's interested in trying out Knooking?  Or maybe you know a crafter who's up for anything?  The Knook Value Pack would be a really exciting and fun gift!  Throw in a pattern book like Simple Scarves Made with the Knook, Dishcloths Made with the Knook, or--just to be incredibly straightforward--Learn to Knook, and TA DA!  You have a great gift!

Okay.  I don't know whether this last suggestion is a good idea or not.  Dishcloth patterns.  I'm just linking to the search results page for dishcloth pattern books on so you can browse and use your own discretion.  There are so many wonderful knit and crochet dishcloth patterns out there that you can make for just about any occasion.  Downside: someone might think you think they should clean up their house more often because sometimes little things like eating and cleaning and going into work don't seem that important when you're trying to finish up a project.  Proceed with caution.  When in doubt, go with Dishcloth Dresses because those have a decorative function.  And they're really fun.

Or just go with yarn.  We'll figure out something to do with it, I assure you.

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