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Crafts in Review

It's that time of year, y'all!  2013 is drawing to a close and it's time for me to get all self-congratulatory as I force you to look at projects I worked on throughout the year like this blog is called Jen's Greatest Crafting Hits.

I can't even apologize. I had so much fun working on these projects!  I want to share them with your eyeballs again!  I don't really know how to order them or categorize them, so I'm just going to share some of my favorite projects from the year with you.

The first one off the top of my head is the Patriotic Tutu.

I had a blast (finally) learning how to make a tutu for my fancy little girl, and she LOVES wearing this.  It lives in a grocery sack in the closet except on special occasions because that glitter gets everywhere.  But it's a truly adorable little tutu and it was such a fun project to make.

Another thing I'm excited about trying in 2013?  Knitting socks.

I made my first ever pair of knitted socks!  They turned out....just okay!  I wear them nearly every night and love them dearly!  So exciting.  I feel like such a real knitter now, and a lot of what I hear sock knitters talk about makes a ton more sense now that I've actually tried knitting socks.

I had a great time talking to Ravelers about their modifications on the Rainbow Set blanket once again.  Going through those pictures was inspiring.  I couldn't pick a picture to include in this post, so just click on over and check them all out because they're lovely.

I made my very first cabled hat.

I learned cables aren't that hard, modifications aren't that tricky, and wearing a nice hat you made all by yourself is very, very satisfying.  I love this hat and I love wearing it.  Making it wasn't even terrifying.

Also not terrifying?  Loom knitting.  And ruffle yarn.  Yeah.  Loom knitting with ruffle yarn is not scary!  I think it might be better than 'regular' knitting with ruffle yarn, even! 

I really enjoyed trying that out, and my mom got a very nice scarf for her birthday this year.

I'm noticing the projects I was the most excited about were the ones where I learned something new.  I guess that means I should talk about crocheting, because I learned A LOT of new things about crocheting this year.  That's probably because I didn't know much before this year, but I feel pretty comfortable with my status as a crocheter now.

My favorite way to try out new stitches and techniques was to make dishcloths, and I got about 75 dishcloths out of it as a result.  I've done the math, or at least the guesstimating, and that's seriously how many dishcloths I think I knitted and crocheted this year.  I've been giving them as hospitality gifts throughout the year, and that's what most of my friends and family had as presents this Christmas.  My favorite picture is this collection of Swirl Dishcloths I made this summer.

 I learned how to crochet the Baby Surprise Jacket and felt like some kind of world champion crocheter with that neat trick!

I gave this to a friend of my sister's, and she loved it on her little boy.  That was a great feeling on top of learning how to crochet a sweet little baby sweater.

I also tried out Tunisian crochet.  I sucked at it, but I tried.

 But now I know Tunisian crochet when I see it, and I understand a little bit more about how it works.  Knowledge is power, etc., and it turns out Tunisian crochet is even cooler than I thought.  And that is very incredibly cool.

And I learned about dishcloth dresses.

And crocheted animal hats.

 And how to work a glue gun around a toddler.

And got to interview a lot of really amazing people.

And it was all really interesting and fun and thrilling.  I loved it!  Thanks for sticking around for this year of crafting adventures.  I hope you feel good about the crafting you did in 2013, because you should.  You'll notice I'm totally not reviewing whatever resolutions I made for the year to see if I lived up to my expectations or not (because I'm sure I didn't).  Just think about your favorite projects for the year and you'll probably be pretty impressed with yourself!

I hope you have a safe and happy New Year's, and that all your crafting dreams come true!

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