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Crocheting Ripples of Joy

I noticed the Ripples of Joy afghan because it was on the cover of Baby Afghans over a year ago.

I didn't think much about trying it out because I didn't know any babies at the time and I wasn't feeling all the pink.

A year later I saw the picture again and wondered what those ripples would look like with white and different shades of blue.  Then something else caught my eye and I forgot again.  Then I fell in love with this color combination:

while making some Christmas garland for my home.

I kept thinking about it and thinking about it, and then last week I started really thinking about it.  I counted the rows in the pattern and figured out how I could use my 5 colors (5 rows a piece) and whether I'd include the border (I wouldn't) and which color I would start with.

Red.  I would start with red and end with blue.

I realized pretty quickly that working alternating rows of double crochet (in the back loops!  So you have a layered look!  Like ripples!  Get it!?) with single crochet results in uneven strips of color if you're planning to use 5 rows of color like I was.

See?  The orange portion of this little blanket is lacking. It has 3 single crochet rows and 2 rows of double crochet, while the yellow makes up 3 double crochet rows and 2 single crochet rows.  Whoops.

Also, that measuring grid is 4" X 4", just for reference.  The finished product is supposed to have a diameter of 36".

Supposed to.

But, somewhere in the middle of the yellow row I made a rash decision.  Or a couple of them.  The first: I would crochet every color with 3 double crochet rows.

The second: I was going to keep going.  I'm going to have at least another repeat of my color pattern!  I think that will make the work at least toddler sized.  As a bonus, the pattern gets pretty intuitive after a few rows and it isn't tricky to modify.  And thank goodness this is a pleasant pattern to follow because it's the time of year for me to get sucked into marathon television-and-movie-watching.  This is the perfect work to have in my lap while I obsess over characters I didn't know existed a week ago.  And I do mean that the pattern is pleasant.  It's not mindless or tedious, but it's not so challenging that you can't pay attention to anything else when you're crocheting.  If you pay attention for a few rows, you sort of fall into the pattern naturally and happily.

I'm really enjoying myself so far, and I can't say enough nice things about this pattern.  I haven't even touched on how this is not a square blanket!  Because ripples!

I'll let you know what I think when (if?) I stop.

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