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Santa Baby

I have knit my yet-to-be-born nephew his very first handmade holiday hat!  It's the Santa hat (obviously) from Warm Hats for Wee Noggins and it's one of the absolute very most fantastically precious creations ever.

Wow, I'm not sure what else I can say about this now that I've used up all those adjectives but I'm sure I'll think of something.  Like the pom pom. I think of plenty of good things to say about the pom pom.

It's made with a neat little bit of increasing and decreasing in seed stitch and you can actually stuff with fiber fill for an extra bit of poofiness!  But my favorite aspect of this is that there's zero chance of stray yarns falling out of it and finding their way around a little finger, or in a mouth, like you would with a standard pom pom.

Also, I am terrible at making pom poms.  I'm going to use this technique forever and on everything.

I only made one modification and that was to the adorable brim of this adorable hat.

Because this hat is knit in the round, a garter-stitch look can only be achieved by knitting and purling alternating rows.  The idea of purling in the round to get a garter stitch look filled me with inexplicable rage--really, I have no idea why this should even be considered an annoyance, much less a problem.  But I felt rage coursing through my most likely over-caffeinated veins when I was about to cast this on--so I worked the brim flat for the garter stitch rows and then joined the work in the round when I started working with the red yarn.

For some reason, seaming up an inch of garter stitch (REAL GARTER STITCH! NOT THIS KNIT AND PURL IN THE ROUND CONTRIVED NONSENSE THAT I APPARENTLY CARE FAR TOO MUCH ABOUT) felt less annoying to me. So that's what I did because I was knitting on these teeny tiny circular needles that I bought because I felt like that was a good idea at the time (I think they're 9" circs?) and the thought of purling while gripping needles that are slightly longer than toothpicks hurt my knuckles a bit.  Or something.

I used Size 7 needles and worsted weight Red Heart acrylic yarn because it gets really soft when it's washed and dried.  Standard needles, standard yarn, nothing crazy.  (Except for me when it came to the brim.)

I just know I was in control of my senses enough to remember that you're not supposed to put babies in clothes with lots of seams because they're new and tender and squishy.  But this hat will probably be worn for a total of 30 minutes in this little guy's entire life and I rationalized that I would definitely make him truly in-the-round hats from here on out.

I'm very sure this young man is knitworthy, and that he'll always overlook my distorted decrease stitches.  Or so I have hoped and prayed since the day I found out my sister was pregnant.  This is a precious little hat for a precious little baby, and I'm so glad that its pattern has instructions for sizes Preemie Small to Full-Term Large.  Full-Term Large is for a baby about 12 months old, which is how old he will be this time next year.

I will definitely be making another one.

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