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Simply Lovely: A Simple Button Wreath

My mother gave me something like 20 spools of ribbon for my birthday last week, because that's the kind of thing that happens to you when you do crafty things and put ribbons on all your wrapping--you get things like ribbons and odd collections of yarn as gifts.  No sarcasm: this is my favorite.  They're lovely!  I was already thinking about trying out something new from Crafting with Ribbons and Buttons because it had been a while and I had this great new stash of ribbons.

And then I saw a these great wreath ornaments made from buttons in Cracker Barrel and I always get excited about the ornaments I see in Cracker Barrel.  Seriously, if you don't get some kind of creative inspiration I just don't know what we have to talk about with each other.  I love that place, especially around Christmas time.  That wreath button ornament reminded me of this craft:

Cute-as-a-button Christmas ornaments!  So lovely!

And you know what else is lovely?  My button collection.

I drank some coffee and sorted out some brown buttons.  Yes, I know the wreath in the pattern picture has green buttons, but I have a lot of brown buttons and I thought that would be folksy.  Brown = folksy.  Every time.


This was a pretty quick craft once I dug out my floral wire and needle nose pliers with wire cutters (I don't use either of those things too often, but I knew they were around here somewhere).  It probably took 10 minutes start to finish.

But it was pleasantly relaxing 10 minutes and I had a ring of brown buttons of all sizes when it was over.

I'll be honest. I used an ornament hook in place of embroidery floss because while I do know it's around here somewhere, I don't know where that is.  It's fine.  It's fine to put an ornament hook on an ornament, even if it's not as folksy as floss.  I added some of that birthday ribbon for a bow and then I had a lovely and simple ornament.

This is a great activity for older kids who are home from school, or just for anyone who has a lot of buttons.

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