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Snow Day Mittens!

Last weekend, winter weather was looking like it might bear down on us in a pretty ugly way.  My daughter was all set to go play with her grandparents when I realized I didn't have any gloves for her.  And she's much more interested in being outdoors than she was last year.


Luckily, I had already gotten started on the cuff for one mitten from Snow Day Sets to Knit in the toddler size.  Yes, there is a toddler size.  Rejoice!  

I know I did.  Each pattern has instructions for a four-needle version knit in the round, or a two-needle option for knitting flat and seaming up later.  As much as I dislike seaming, I knit much faster with two needles and time was short.  During the space of a naptime, I knit two little mittens.

And you can tell they were knit in a hurry.  I think one is slightly larger than the other.  And in an ideal world, I would have had time to knit a third one because you know one of these is going to be lost in the very near future.


Well, I guess in a truly ideal world mittens wouldn't get lost.  So never mind.  I'm just excited my little girl wanted to wear the mittens.  Last year she kept pulling off the (now wayyyyy too teeny tiny) mittens I made for her and would run wild in snow and ice with bare pink hands and I looked like a terrible mother.

Now I look like a wonderful mother!  In my mind, that's what wonderful (yarncrafting) parents do--they keep their kids warm and cozy.  And warm and cozy she is.  She was proud to show off her mittens to her grandparents and I was proud because she was FINALLY enjoying something I made for her and.....oh yes, it's also important that she was warm and her little hands were covered up while temperatures dropped into the 20s and she just had to go out and feed some cows with her granddad..

These could definitely be knit in the space of a snow day--because I think those last a little longer than the average day--even if you're in need of a slightly larger pair.  I picked the Basic Mittens pattern because it's the first one in the book and doesn't call for color changes.  I was a little frantic at the time.  But there are plenty of other color options, and some really beautiful hat patterns to match!  If you're thinking of sets to knit, some of these would make lovely gifts.  I'd love to try some of them out, but I think I should get to work on a third mitten before I do. 

Just in case.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day Mittens!”

  • Julia Mason

    I use the Magic loop method to knit gloves and mittens.

    • Jen

      Really? I was about to ask if that was too much needle for so little stitches, but I guess if people can do it with socks then mittens make sense too! I've tried the one long needle method (I know that's not the real name) and I think I might like it more than DPNs. I really do want to learn Magic Loop Method soon--it seems like it would be best for making two objects in tandem.

  • D D

    To save the lonely onesie or make sure sizes are exact on both I knit each mitten with it's own ball of the same yarn onto one needle and make them in a pair! Seam and VOILA' quicker yet!

    • Jen

      I have no idea what I've never thought about knitting two flat items on the same needle. You're blowing me away. That would be perfect for uniform sizing! Awesome!

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