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Weekly Dishcloth: Knitting the Small Basket Dishcloth from Textured Knits

I was talking to my husband about dishcloths last week, because I do that to him.  Poor man.  Anyway, I was discussing my dishcloth hopes and plans and he asked "What do you do when you run out of dishcloth patterns?"


I didn't tell him that it's impossible to run out of dishcloth patterns, even without the glorious benefit of the Internet.  Instead, I just told him that I would buy a new pattern book if I ran out of patterns to knit and crochet.

(I did not mention that I will go out and find new patterns to knit and crochet even if I haven't run out of patterns in my own library.)
But it got me thinking about some patterns that I intended to try out a while ago and forgot about.  
So I went back and checked Easy Textured Knits

I had knit a couple of the dishcloth patterns earlier in the year, and I loved them.  So why not make another? So that's what I did.

This is the Small Basket dishcloth, and it calls for a medium weight cotton yarn and a Size 6 needle.  The end result is a dishcloth that's approximately 8" x 8" and full of lovely weaviness.  Maybe "weaviness" isn't a word.  Whatever.  I love basket patterns in knitting, and I don't remember why I never got around to making this.  It's fantastic!

I took stock of my dishcloth inventory last week and realized I only had about 27 dishcloths for gifts.  I was a little surprised, but then I remembered that a bundle of 3 dishcloths is my favorite hosting gift/birthday gift/wedding present.  So that explains the near-shortage.  But now I have this in the stash as well!

It's a good one.

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