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Weekly Dishcloth: They Can't All be Winners


I tried out the Blossom dishcloth pattern from the Granny Square Trio in Dischloths for the second time, and this was as far as I got.


I was supposed to have 24 chain spaces and I only had 20.  I wanted to make this because I really liked the granny square part of the outer rows and thought the picot border could be fun.

But getting to that point was not fun, and this was maybe just a little too much counting for me while I wrestled with cotton yarn and listened to my little girl talk to herself for the entire duration of a nap time while fretting that she might never nap again.  (She did, though.)  And as I mentioned before, this was a second attempt.  I don't even remember how I messed up my last attempt, but I do recall it being a mess.  This time, I reasoned with myself, I would be able to tackle the pattern because I have more skills and more confidence.  I'm not sure which of those is more important, but I'm happy to have both.  But.  Neither could save me this time. 


It happens.  I just don't think this pattern is for me.  I wasn't feeling this as much as I thought I would, and I don't know that I would like this if I could figure out how to keep up with the instructions and the counting (I was an English major.  The jokes exist for a reason).  It's fine.  I've enjoyed nearly every other pattern I've tried in Dishcloths, and that's great.  I still have plenty of dishcloths in my stash for gifts and next week will better.

But!  This wasn't a total waste of time.  I enjoyed crocheting the blossom part of the dishcloth, and I really liked the way it looked.

So I unraveled the ecru parts of the dishcloth and now this beautiful flower is on the Christmas tree.  It's cheery and beautiful, and we can enjoy this year after year.

So maybe this was a winner after all.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dishcloth: They Can't All be Winners”

  • Faith

    All to familiar with the pattern that won't come together. I don't know if it's me, the pattern, or what? Trying to make a purse right now, and I've started over with 3 diffierent yarns, and changed up the pattern and made up my own...Ah, such is life in the Crochet lane...Your creation is lovely and cheerful, and maybe for a different day, you will finish it up in a snap and wonder why it didn't work the the first time....

    • Jen

      Thanks for the kind words! I think the patterns that later turn out just fine frustrate me more than the ones that don't! I always wonder where I went wrong before. But my daughter went straight to the Christmas tree right after her nap to inspect the newest ornament. She said it was beautiful. Hooray!

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