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A Fun Fleece Blanket

Making a tied fleece blanket is one of those things I always knew I'd do eventually, especially now that I live with a small person.  I'm surprised I took this long to do it!  I've been in the mood to try out something from No-Sew Fleece Throws and Pillows and I finally did yesterday afternoon.

I had thought the Cupcakes Tied Throw would be perfect for my little girl, but then I was at the fabric store and saw this fun animal print.  I knew it would these bright primary colors would be amazing with yellow backing.  And they were!

I made this during the space of a long Sunday afternoon naptime.  If you have your fabric on hand and some space, you can make one during the length of a movie.
I taped my tape measure to the edge of the fabric so I would have a little guide for how wide to cut my strips.

Here's a pre-tying shot.  Sorry about the lighting.  Winter afternoons aren't very bright in our little home, and so the rest of these pictures are bathed in beautiful florescent light.

Here's a knotted-up shot.  The bottom piece wound up being a little wider than the top piece.  I thought about trimming some of the excess, but then I decided a little extra fringe would be nice for little fingers to play with while watching a cartoon or riding in the car.

My little girl really enjoys blankets right now.  I know that sounds a little strange, but it's true.  She likes to pull quilts over her head and hide.  She likes to be wrapped up in a blanket while we read stories.  She prefers certain blankets in our home over others, and I was really hoping she'd like this soft fabric and bright colors.

I folded this up and placed it on our couch, mostly so I could take a picture of all the ties.

But I also left it out where she could see it.  When she woke up from her nap, she saw it almost immediately and asked "What's this?"  And when I told her it was a blanket for her, she immediately placed her teddy bear on top of it.  Later that night, I wrapped her up in it to run to the car to run errands.  She was beaming!

Blanket success!  This was a fun afternoon project, and I am thrilled my daughter likes it.  I'm also thrilled that we're not even a week into the new year and I'm getting started on one of my resolutions by making a blanket!  Woo!

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