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A Tote to Try Again

I'm going to make a tote!

Obviously I should make some more squares.  I'm trying out the Granny Square Market Bag from Totes & Bags.

I tried to make this pattern once before, but I just wasn't feeling the cotton yarn for these little squares.


Goodness knows why, because they were adorable.


For whatever reason, I just haven't tried out this pattern.  But I cleaned up some of my stash this weekend and decided to use up some yarn I actually liked and here we are.


Little pieces that will become blocks that will become panels that will become part of a bag.  I'm pretty excited about having a bag I made for myself, and I think this is going to look incredibly cheerful.


I'm using acrylic yarn, mostly Red Heart with some Vanna's Choice and some sort of Michaels knockoff of Red Heart.  Yes, there is a store brand knockoff of Red Heart for when the real thing is just too fancy and pricey and I buy it sometimes.   It's great for larger projects and the scraps are great for projects like this.


I've already crocheted all of the circles in the middle of the squares, and now I'm mixing up colors.  I'm using dark brown for my main color and I think this is going to be a great traveling toy bag/farmers market tote/storage bin type of bag.  I'm hoping to work on it a little bit more this weekend!  I think the overall look is going to be kind of like a kaleidoscope, and I can't wait to see this as a finished object.

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