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Crocheting the Simple Crochet Headwrap

I've been growing my hair out, and I'm in that delightful stage between "short enough to shove my hair up under a hat" and "long enough to braid my hair and throw a hat on top of it."

Which is to say, I'm in some kind of hair purgatory. If I try to braid my's just a pitiful disaster.  If I throw a hat on myself when my hair is down, I discover that I've gone from looking cutely messy like I did this summer to looking like I want to copy one of those duck people.  No thanks.

So headwrap time it is!

I made the Simple Crochet Headwrap from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  It's a winner!

I had thought this might fit oddly because it's so wide, but it's actually great!  It stays in place really well.

You do the same thing--single crochet stitches--over and over until you're nearly at the end, and then you work about 7 decrease/buttonhole rows and ta da!  You have a headwrap that keeps your hair away from your face and warm ears.  With all this wind we've been having lately, I don't know which of those things I love most.  But I love them a lot.

I also love this button business.

Everything's cuter with buttons.  I don't know how it works, but I know it does. 

Maybe it's that extra bit of accessorizing on top of an accessory.  You can pick a button that matches your yarn, or you can pick something that's going to stand out.  I just went with that blue button because I like the shade of blue. 

And you may have noticed, I'm still using tons of yellow yarn.  Yellow is my favorite color, and I love using it in everything during the winter time.  It looks happy to me, regardless of what shade it is.  And this bright yellow (seriously, it's Red Heart's "Bright Yellow") is downright ecstatic. 

I think I am too.

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