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I [heart] Valentine's Day: Knitting a Hat with Heart.

It's never too early to get excited about Valentine's Day!  Which is why I started getting excited a couple of weeks ago.  I started my holiday crafting a little while ago and wanted to start talking about Valentine projects.  So I'm going to.

I'm pretty excited that I'm starting with this:

It's the Have a Heart pattern from Warm Hats for Wee Noggins.

I love how many holiday patterns are in this book because I just love holidays.  And knitting holiday hats for itty bitty people? It thrills me to my very soul. 

 I made the Basic Paper Bag Hat pattern this Christmas in some crazy variegated yarn for my daughter and my nephew.  It's some nice mindless knitting--I made these both on the car ride to my sister's house a few hours away.  These are worked flat in garter stitch and then you stitch up the hat and draw it up.

My recipients were so pleased.

Since they loved they loved their festive-looking Christmas hats so much, I knew some Valentine hats would be greatly appreciated.

The fun part for me is that this is the Basic Paper Bag Hat with a sweet little garter stitch heart.  I got started on my little girl's hat first, and I've been working on this while watching television before bed.  That probably explains why this is a bit larger than I expected.

I would ordinarily knit this with Size 6 or 7 needles, but I went ahead and used some Size 8s because they're new and knit incredibly smoothly I wanted this to knit up quickly.   It went, um, very quickly.  That's fine.  Just more room to grow.

The heart is just 18 rows of trickery, and you'll breeze right through that as long as you remember to leave a tail long enough to sew it on. 

I nearly forgot in my excitement because I was distracted by how cute my little girl will be in this!

Or at least I'd intended to be excited to see her in this.  Some time between casting on and binding off, my daughter went from saying "I LOVE Valentine's hat!" to "No thank you. I don't need a Valentine's hat."  Maybe she'll change her mind by the time of the actual day.

And even if she doesn't, I've already cast on a hat for her little cousin.  He's still too small to fight me on these things, and I think I've got a glorious year of season hat projects ahead of me.

I can't wait to take a picture of two cuties wearing these hats pulled over their little grouchy faces!
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