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Knitting Away the Cold with Quick & Easy Handwarmers

You probably already knew this, but it's FREEZING out there.  So!  Very!  Cold!

I've been layering up, staying inside, and pulling out every fleece clothing item I own.  It's not enough.  Because it's so cold.

Even in my office, I'm not warm.  But since I'm one of those folks who's not only lucky enough to be employed but is also lucky enough to be employed inside, I decided to skip the complaining and just stock up on tea and make myself some handwarmers.  And here they are (the handwarmers, I mean):

Aren't they gorgeous?!  They're the Quick & Easy Handwarmer pattern from I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Mittens.  They are quick--bulky weight yarn!  They are easy--worked flat and only 4 rows of patterning!

But most importantly, they are warm.

I can type, I can drink my tea, and I can button up my cardigan nice and tight while I work in these.  Also, I love how these look.  This is Muench Yarns Tessin, which is 110 yards a skein.  I made the Medium version (there's also a Large version), and this didn't even take up the whole skein!

I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with the remnants, though.  Like every other knitter ever, I'm starting off the new year with grand ambitions about knitting from my stash.  I bought this yarn in June 2011, and it's nice to finally see it all knitted up.  It's also nice to see it all knitted up into something for myself.

Also like every other knitter ever, I get really excited about knitting for myself once Christmas is over.  I had some more leisurely (ha) projects planned, but the polar vortex kicked my knitting game into high gear.  I can't complain too much, though.  I got a set of handwarmers out of the deal!

The pattern calls for Size 10 needles for gauge, and I used 8s.  Please note that this calls for bulky weight yarn and not super bulky.  Also, be careful when seaming up your sides.  I got a little carried away while I was apparently planning to seal out the cold completely and stitched up one thumb-hole a bit too tightly.  It doesn't cut off my circulation, though, so I'm leaving it as is.  Man, I love the lack of fretting over nongift knitting projects!  I feel so free!  Except for that one thumb, but whatever!

And warm!

Seriously, warm hands are important.  I'm one of those chilly-handed people and my little girl flinches when I reach out to brush her hair away from her eyes because she knows my fingers are usually freezing cold.  I love warming up my hands, I love this yarn, and I love this simple pattern.


Oh, and I made these in an evening.  Why are you not knitting these right now?!

Stay warm!  Be safe!  Get some mittens on yourself!

2 thoughts on “Knitting Away the Cold with Quick & Easy Handwarmers”

  • Unknown

    Last winter, I lost a hat to the wind while waiting for the train to go meet my son-in-law to go to our daughter's for Christmas. During the drive out, we stopped at a Walmart for windshield washer. I got 3 skeins of Thick 'n Quick and size 11 needles. By the time we made our next meal stop, I had a new hat and one mitt made. The second was quickly finished by our next gas stop. This was a good thing, because the heater was not working properly. We had only about 25% of the heating that would be normal. I have been using those mitts a lot this year to keep my hands warm while knitting, computing, etc.

    • Jen

      That's awesome! The part where you made accessories on the fly--not the part where you lost a hat and a lot of your heat. That's awesome that you're enjoying them. I really like these!

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