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Learn to Crochet: Working through the Back Loops

I'm still working away on the Ripples of Joy pattern from Baby Afghans.  I love it!  The pattern is super-intuitive, and I'm incredibly excited to work on it every time I work on it.  I'm a little farther along than I was when I took this picture, but I still wanted to show you the color repeats and the ripples.

Ta da! Ripples! This is what happens when you crochet in the back loops only.

You know how the tops of crochet stitches look like little Vs?  If you work your crochet stitch in just the back half of the V, then you get this great ridge along your work.  Here's a video that explains it a bit better:


In fact, here's a link to all of the video tutorials for techniques used in Baby Afghans.  The Leisure Arts website has a ton of tutorials for techniques, and many of them are categorized by book!  If you're working from a Leisure Arts pattern that features a little video camera icon by a technique, you can find a video tutorial for it on the video tutorial page!

These are life-savers!  Maybe that's a bit too much hyperbole, but if you're going to use hyperbole you may as well go big.  Besides, sometimes when you're floundering through a pattern and having trouble making sense of a technique (in my case, especially a technique I usually think I already know but it turns out I'm confusing it with another technique that is completely different), finding something to help you fix your problem can feel like an actual life-saver.

You know what?  No.  I'm going to go ahead and say this is an actual life-saver.  You never know when some textured crochet is going to be super important.  There.  This is video is a life-saver.  I just helped save your life.

You're welcome.

(Fine, maybe I just helped you learn a new thing.  But I like to think that's pretty important, too.)

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