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Making a Burlap Wreath! I am Crafty and Rustic!

I made a wreath!

I usually have some kind of wreath on my front door, but it's typically something I just threw together.  I nearly mean "threw" literally.  I just stab things together, wind some wire around some things, and call it a day.  But this time I decided to try to follow the directions for the Burlap Wreath from Crafting with Florals.  I want to try more decorating with burlap, and this seemed like a good place to start.

Once I got everything together, this probably took about twenty minutes to make--give or take the time I spent pausing to taking pictures.  That's pretty great!

And by "everything," I mean my book, scissors, brown paper, jute, burlap, ribbon, and a wreath form.

I repurposed a yarn-covered wreath that I made back when those were a thing. I no longer have the yarn wreath out because I got tired of it.  The yarn is hot-glued on there, so for this new wreath I decided I would just cover it up and I wouldn't do anything too permanent with my materials. If I want to do something else with this stuff, I'd like for this to be easy to dismantle so I can use it again.

I didn't have any brown craft paper, so I cut up a grocery sack into one strip by cutting diagonally.

Then I crumpled it so it would be a little easier to wrap around the wreath. 

I taped down the paper at the beginning, and at the end.  This wreath is already looking pretty rustic.

If I describe what I did next in very much detail at all, I'll pretty much be giving away the instructions.  But I will say that I really liked tying the burlap ribbon one with separate pieces of jute and having the ends stick out everywhere.  I didn't expect to like that effect, but I did.

I messed up the top bow a bit because even though I brought the whole book to the store with me, I didn't buy all the right materials.  Still, I think I might like the wreath just how it is. 

Well, maybe.  The instructions call for a letter to place in the middle, but I don't feel like it.  I think an artificial bird's nest would look nice--or maybe a bird's nest with artificial robin's eggs in it.  An animal skull or turtle shell would look especially rustic with all the jute and burlap, but I don't know how much the neighbors would appreciate something like that.  There's always Mason jars, if you want to be really rustic. But I think I'm leaning more toward the nest idea.  That, or maybe a cluster of pine cones.  Something simple and natural-looking.  I'm excited!
I'm just happy to have something beside my Christmas wreath up, and this simple wreath looks really lovely and rustic in the meantime.

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