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Rainbow Ripples of Joy. Exuberant, Exultant, and Elated Joy.

It's finished!  I have made a mostly full-sized afghan!  It's a modified version of the Ripples of Joy pattern from Baby Afghans and I feel pretty joyful every time I look at this.

The afghan's about 50" across, which makes it perfect for a lap throw or for wearing around my shoulders when I'm hanging out on the couch.

Or, more realistically, it will be a perfect size for my daughter to completely cocoon herself in when she steals this.  Because I'm pretty sure she's going to steal this.

Not that I would blame her.  This is a lovely rainbow-y burst of happiness and kid-friendly primary colors.  It took about a three-hundred-yard skein of yarn for each color, give or take a little.  I didn't use much of my orange, but I did need a little extra blue. 

There's so much blue in this picture, I couldn't fit it all in the shot.

I almost regret not adding purple to the pattern because it would have been a tiny bit larger and this would look even more rainbow-like.  Almost.  This is pretty fantastic as it is.

Obviously this is a bit larger than the baby version, but the pattern is essentially the same.  I just have different color choices and I decided to skip the border because I wanted the edges to be clean and sharp.

The afghan looks extra ripply because every other row is made by working in the back loops, which I love.  The technique slowed me down a little, but the extra time was worth it for such a beautifully textured blanket.

Once I was 6 or 7 rows into this pattern, I had no trouble following along.  I might make a larger version of this some time.  And I will definitely make a smaller version of this.  I would love to see this ripple pattern in blues and grays, and I know it wouldn't take very long at all if I made it in the baby blanket size.

I don't know any baby boys who will be born any time soon (or any little girls whose parents would welcome a blue and gray blanket), but I may make one for my gift stash pretty soon.  I don't quite know what to do with myself now that this afghan is done! 

Well, other than enjoy my colorful and warm blanket during this cold weekend.  I don't know what I'll do other than that.

Oh!  But before I forget: if you don't feel like buying Baby Afghans and having 9 crochet patterns in your library (what is wrong with you?!), the Ripples of Joy pattern is available for individual purchase.

Okay, now I think I've said everything I think you need to know.  Have a happy crafting weekend and stay warm!  I hope you  have afghan-making in your plans....

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