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Weekly Dishcloth: Crocheting the Offset Knot Stitch Dishcloth

I really like this one, y'all.

This is the Offset Knot Stitch dishcloth from Crochet Textures for Home and Baby, and I am thrilled to pieces with it!  I finished it up at knit night this past weekend and everyone at the table was really interested in how in the world this is constructed.

Back. Whoa!

 Because look at all this texture!  Are these bobbles?  Puff stitches?  Clusters?


I'll go ahead and let you know in case you don't have the patience for crochet stitch riddles.  It's the treble crochet stitch.  Those little bumps are treble crochet stitches in between single crochet stitches.  You just make sure to push the stitches in the right direction while you're working, and then the rows of single crochet in between the bumpy rows lock everything into place.


This is going to be an incredibly scrub-tastic dishcloth and I am really thrilled with this.  There are are three dishcloth patterns in Crochet Textures for Home and Baby.  The last dishcloth I crocheted was the Slanting Wedge pattern from this book and I loved it.  Now I've made this pattern and I love it.

I've already checked and the third pattern involves front post crochet and back post crochet stitches and is called "Staggered Post Stitch." I've been knitting a dishcloth one week and crocheting a dishcloth the next for these Weekly Dishcloth posts, but I don't know if I can hold off until the end of the week.  I might be mixing up all kinds of stuff!  Texture got me so crazy right now, who knows what could happen next?!

Actually, you know. 

I know. 

We all know I'm going to go ahead and crochet another dishcloth next week.

And I can't wait!

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