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Weekly Dishcloth: Everything That's Textured is Not Gold

These things happen.

After a pretty good run of crochet dishcloth projects, I found one I didn't like.

One of my complaints is that the Staggered Post pattern in Crochet Textures for Home and Baby isn't very dense.  The treble crochet rows probably aren't very good for scrubbing.

Another complaint is that I don't really like the look of treble crochet rows, and I don't like working half double crochet stitches.  The Staggered Post dishcloth is made up of half double crochet stitches and treble crochet stitches.  That's pretty much it.



I don't think that this is a bad project.  It's just one I didn't enjoy.  I don't like making some of the stitches, and I don't like looking at some of the others.  And working front post and back post stitches on the last stitch of a row was tricky.  And I might have lost or added some stitches somewhere along the way.


So there I was, with 4 more rows of front post and back post treble crochets, getting angrier and angrier about how I was losing so much of my time to this pattern I didn't enjoy and hating my life.  So I stopped.

I don't mean I readjusted my attitude and plowed on through.  I mean I stopped making the dishcloth.


There are so many fantastic patterns out there!  I'm not wasting my time on the ones I don't like.  Please.  Life is too long to be so bored/frustrated/confused--especially when it's just for a dishcloth.  It's not like anyone asked me to make this for him or her and was super excited about getting this.

I went ahead and took pictures so you could see what this looks like when it's made with worsted weight yarn and a smaller hook (all of the models in the book are made with a fluffier yarn).

 And if you're a fan of half double crochet stitches and treble crochet stitches--or if you'd just like to practice them--you could like this dishcloth!

I hope someone does.

Next week: something knitted.  I'm sure it will be just fine.
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