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Yes, More Afghans Would be Lovely

There are those who would say that it's unwise to start another project while one has so many WIPs cluttering up the living room.  Those people are probably correct.

They can just hush anyway.

I realize it's probably not my best idea to get started on another afghan after I've already started two others, but I'm not too concerned.  I'm not hurting anyone and I can stop any time I want to.

Besides, this is for my baby blanket stash.

What baby blanket stash?, you may ask.  Oh that's right!  I don't have one!

Honestly, not having a gift stash of baby blankets is probably a pretty dumb move on my part.  People all around me are having babies with an alarming frequency and they tend to have these baby creatures in seasons.  There's a period of time where there are no babies and I get lulled into this false sense of security and go on about my business of knitting hats for myself or cowls for friends and then, WHAM!  Babies everywhere.  And with those babies come baby showers.  I guess I could show up at a shower with something I bought off of a registry and save myself the time of NOT making something from an adorable baby knit or crochet pattern, but that's just crazy talk.  Nope, I have to make something with my hands if someone I love has gone to the trouble of making a whole dadgummed baby.

There are drawbacks to this approach, of course.  We don't have to revisit this time last year when I realized I would be attending 3 showers for 4 babies in the span of a month because I still feel kind of frantic and twitchy thinking about it even now.  Unlike hats or little baby sweaters, baby blankets are automatically the perfect size and fit.  And I'm discovering that if I'm not knitting for a specific person, I'm more freed up to make something simply because I like it.

And I really like making small baby projects, even if a baby blanket is bigger than an item like a sweater or hat.  I love being able to smooth the whole thing out, fold it up carefully, and pick out a big enough gift bag to hold this wonderful creation.  I love being able to hand the present to a mom and watch her unfold the whole thing, demand that everyone in the room look at it, and then drape the blanket over her belly.  It's one of my favorite things--that moment when someone you care about confirms your suspicion that you've made something just right for them and they love it.  The best!

I went to a baby shower for a friend last weekend and gave her the Blue Striped Blanket from Knit in a Day for Baby.  She was so excited that she cut her husband off in the middle of whatever he was saying and passed the blanket to him so that he and a cousin could stop talking about football and check out the blanket and feel its squishiness.  I love this woman dearly and was so glad she liked my gift for her son.  I was so excited the whole time I worked on this because I knew she would like this.  As a bonus, she told me this would match his nursery! 

And when I went to visit my one and only nephew for his first Christmas (and yes, kind of hover over my sister) and saw this blanket on the rocking chair in his perfectly color-coordinated nursery even though I think the yellow was too light?  I was so happy!

The Colorful Circles afghan from Baby Afghans booklet.

So yay for baby blankets!  Sort of.  I just have a square for this venture. 

It's the King's Crown pattern from Knit Dishcloths.  The patterns can be knitted or Knooked, and there is a suggestion in the back to knit them up and stitch them together for a blanket.

So I think I will!

I bought a pound of this mustard yellow the other day because sales at Michaels will be the end of me.  I'll only make 9 squares for a good-sized baby blanket, but I think I'll come up with plenty of uses for this worsted weight acrylic.  I love how it looks here.

I used Size 8 needles, and the square is about 9 X 9".  It's slightly taller than it is wide, but that's fine.  Most baby blankets don't turn out to be perfect squares anyway, and I think this will even out just okay after a washing.  I don't know who this is for, but I think that's one of the most exciting things about this project for me!  There's no deadline on this either, but I don't think it will take very long to finish up.  I really enjoy knitting these patterns when I'm making dishcloths, and I think I'm enjoying myself even more when I make these squares for a blanket.

And look!  I've even started another one.

Things are moving right along.  Starting another blanket project was clearly a great idea. 

2 thoughts on “Yes, More Afghans Would be Lovely”

  • CeltChick

    Blanket knitting is good for kepping the knitter warm too. Nothing like a big pile of woolyness in the lap on a cold day! Of course, one may have to discourage the cat from settling in.

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