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A Cowl to Crochet Again (and Again and Again!)

After yesterday's post, I started thinking about my crafting tendencies.  In crafting, and in everything really, I am a creature of habit.  I wear outfits like uniforms--weekend outfit, work outfit, date outfit (ha).  I will listen to the same CD for months on end.  And if I find a pattern I like, I will make it as many times as I think is reasonable until I've had enough.  And then, after an appropriate waiting period, I'll make it again!  The Shells with a Twist Cowl from Crochet Cowls has my number. 


The first time I made it, I loved it.  I wound up keeping this for myself, and I feel so warm and cute every time I wear it.  I used some worsted weight wool-alpaca blend yarn and it's so soft and warm and glorious.

The next time I made it, my pink-loving sister got a wonderful birthday present.  She wears hers for warmth and style as well.  I crocheted this in a sport weight yarn, but it's wool.  So it's still incredibly warm, and I still used an H hook.  An H hook is apparently my default hook for nearly every project.

I used the same lightweight yarn in a bright red color for a friend's birthday present.  She squealed and did a weird flailing thing with her hands when she saw this.

I know this sounds insufferable, but her reaction is what I was partly hoping for and partly expecting.  I think this pattern is so pretty!  And I think everyone else should think so too!  I mean, I keep making this pattern because I enjoy it.  But I keep writing about it because I want to talk about it a lot and I want you to look at it and think about it and try it.  I'm pretty sure it could improve your life. 

I know most people have gift stashes, but I'm not sure about favorite pattern stashes.  I'm sure some of you have certain baby bootees or dishcloths that you can churn out at a moment's notice or build up a secret arsenal with because they're so perfect for any lucky recipient.  I think the Shells with a Twist cowl is my absolute favorite fall-back pattern.  It's just so great!

 Which is why I'm really happy that I dug this out of my craft corner.

I'm going to finish this up and it's going to be beautiful and I'm going to enjoy repeating those same two rows over and over until I have another lovely cowl to show for it.  The repetition is meditative and the result is beautiful.  It's perfect!

Every single time.

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