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A Knitted Shamrock Hat!


I knitted a cute little hat for St. Patrick's Day!  The St. Patrick's Day hat from Knit Hats for Babies is just so dang adorable and I can't wait to send it off to my little nephew.

I've made him a Christmas hat, and a Valentine's Day hat, already.  A St. Patrick's Day hat was the next logical step!  I had downloaded Knit Hats for Babies quite a while ago, but hadn't had the chance to try of the patterns out yet.  It turns out I love the St. Patrick's Day hat. 

I used worsted weight Red Heart in some kind of garish lime green color because I thought I would have more uses for the bright green yarn I would have left over from a hat project.

By the way, this is how the hat looks in the book.

I like that light green color, but the lime green seemed really fun and bright.  I enjoy St. Patrick's Day and I love the month of March.  This is such a lovely springtimey hat!

I used Size 5 needles and I used DPNs for the whole thing because I made this in one of the smaller sizes.  There are instructions for hats in sizes 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.  You could probably fit all of your stitches onto a 16" circular needle if you were making this in one of the larger sizes.  Making this on double pointed needles wasn't very tricky at all, though.  Sometimes people complain about acrylic being squeaky and kind of sticking to the needles, but it can come in handy for some knitting projects.

And!  Look at the top of this hat!  You finish off with an I-cord!  And then you make this amazing little shamrock!  So precious. 


The clover is made by knitting 3 little pieces. 

Yes, that's really how it's supposed to look at first.
Then you sew them into circles and then sew the circles together and then you crochet an itty bitty stem.

Oh!  And!  The brim!

There's no ribbing to the hat, and so the bottom of this rolls up pretty easily on its own.  But then!  You can sew it in place with some of that dark green you use for your shamrock.  Yay for using up scraps! 

Of course, you can skip that if you're not a big fan of stitching or if you think this looks a bit cluttered.  (It would probably look less cluttered if a better sewer had been doing this.  So there's that.)  It's adorable either way.  But don't you dare leave off that shamrock.  It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen and I want to stitch this onto to all sorts of projects now!  I'll try to exercise some restraint, but I get really excited about the holidays.

Looking at this little creation, I'm sure you can see why.

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