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An Easygoing Beanie

Well, it's done!  I knittted the Easy-Going beanie from Celebrity Beanies for the Family.

And no.  The skein of yarn did not last.

This is not a small hat, y'all.

Actually, I did knit this in the smallest size on the pattern.  But between Wednesday's post and today, I got a hair cut. "Just add some layers" turned into "Dang, this is pretty mullet-y" and finally into "Yeah, okay.  Just take all that off." and just like that, a few months' of growth was gone and I was just not a super-slouchy beanie person anymore.

I have theories and feelings about super slouchy beanies and you are more than welcome to disagree with them.  But I think short-haired people (folks with not-that-thick hair worn above the shoulders) can wear those slouchy-ish beanies that large-headed people would just call "good toboggans."  This is the majority of beanie patterns out there, and they are beautiful.  I am considering trying out some of them in the very near future.  OBVIOUSLY.

Then there are super slouchy beanies like this one.  Super slouchy with slouch that goes on for days.  If I had last week's hair to tuck up into this hat, I would be all set.  My hair would have a place to rest, everything would frame my face differently, and this would be spectacular hat indeed.

Actually, it's still a spectacular hat.  But now it's just a spectacular addition to my gift stash.  And that's pretty exciting, honestly!  I haven't really built my gift reserves back up since Christmas and I love having plenty of beautiful yarny accessories on hand for gifts.  I don't know who this is for yet, and that's fine.

Even though I knit this in a small size, I think the band is still stretchy enough to fit some of my big-brained loved ones.  I used Size 5 needles for the band, which keeps it snug.  But the K1P1 ribbing makes it plenty flexible.  I went up to a Size 6 for the rest of the hat and the fairly tightknit stockinette was gloriously plain in addition to being thick and warm.  There's no intricate patterning that might embarrass some people (I know, I know. But they exist!), and the blandly inoffensive oatmeal color of the yarn makes this hat all things to all people.  I can give it to just about any lady person I know, and she'll like it.  And that makes me pretty happy!

So I'm still thrilled with this.  Yarn shortages aside, this was a very easy-going knit.  (See what I did there? I'm so sorry.)  I think it's a lovely hat and a fun knit.  And it's going to be a great gift. 

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