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Crocheting a Chullo

I'm trying out another pattern from Hats & Scarves, and I like it!  I've already made the Cuddly Cowl and loved it, but I really wanted to try out a crocheted hat with ear flaps.  So Modern Chullo it is!

I know it kind of looks like a boob right now.  I think I like that about this project.

Even with the color changes, this is nothing too challenging.  The increases are pretty simple, and the colorwork chart is easy to follow.   I've never followed a chart before, and this has been a introduction.  I've also never done colorwork in crochet before, either.  So hooray for trying new things!

And super hooray for when trying new things isn't terrifying and yields super cute results!

Did I mention this was for me?  It's for me.  I really like when projects are for me.  I know my size and color preference, and I never take it personally when I don't like something as much as I thought I would.  Crafting for myself is fantastic because there's never much pressure. 

And making something for myself is fantastic because I like hats.  I'll wear just about anything I'm willing to make, and it's almost always delightful.  I love having plenty of hats on hand, and I'm pretty excited to wear this one.

Also, look at the back of the work!

The floats don't show through the work because it's single crochet stitches.  Those dense little stitches create a fairly tight fabric and I know it's going to be incredibly warm.

I'm so excited!

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