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Crocheting a Granny Hexagon. Or a Dozen.

Remember when I mentioned that there was a Ravelry group that had a crochetalong for all the granny squares in 99 Granny Squares to Crochet?  Well, they have 2 granny square projects a month and yesterday I noticed that one of the granny squares for February was actually a hexagon.

So I sat down with some cotton scrap yarn and made #93 from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.

"That's a hexagon," my husband helpfully noted.

"Sometimes they're like that. Remember when I made the triangles?" I reasoned.

We got quiet when we remembered the time I stayed up until 2 AM on a weeknight to make a bunch of granny triangles in a variety of fall colors.  Multiple nights.

"Hey, can you bring me the rest of my dishcloth yarn?  It's hard to get off the couch when I'm sitting cross-legged and I have a lot of scraps" I finally said.

Shortly thereafter, my husband went to bed early without saying "good night" (or maybe I just wasn't paying attention).

And then I made a dozen granny hexagons.  And for the record, I only stayed up until midnight.

(I got an earlier start this time.)

This is one of the simpler patterns that I've tried from this book, and I really love it.  It's been a fantastic way to use up the scraps I have leftover from all of my dishcloth projects, and these are really pretty!  Since I was working with worsted weight yarn, I used an H hook. That's just what I typically use when working with worsted weight projects.  There's no gauge requirements for any of the patterns in 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.  You make the projects as tiny or gigantic as you want, and you just work with whatever crochet hook suits your yarn.

Medium yarn?  Medium hook.  This was a super simple project.  It's just chains and double crochets and a tiny amount of counting.

I have one slight problem now, though.

What do I do with these now?!

I thought I would make a banner, but I think I have too many.  And I want to make more!

Doll blanket?

Blanket blanket?

Banners for lots of areas in the house?

I'm not sure, and I don't really care.

I'll figure it out eventually, and I'm going to keep making these until I do!

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