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Crocheting a Victorious Chullo

I crocheted the Modern Chullo from Hats & ScarvesFinally!

I know it's all one color, but it's done.  One day, I will successfully do some crochet colorwork, but for now I'm just happy to have this warm and cute hat on my head.

For real.  I'm wearing it as I type this.  It's snug and warm and bright, bright red.  The single crochet stitches are giving me some kind of yarny power.  Soon I will be invincible.  Or at least warm.

This took about 75% of a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease and an H hook.  I'll be honest, I didn't work a gauge swatch, but knew an H hook with this yarn would probably make a hat that would fit me.  And it does.

You know what I really love about this?  The braids.

I've really started enjoying hats with ear flaps and braids this winter.  I even tied this under my chin (but forgot to have my husband take a picture) and felt even warmer.  Excellent.

It's a bit funny-looking even when it's not on a head.

There's not a whole lot of stretch to this crocheted fabric, so it's important to make sure this fits your head.  My yarn was soft and squishy, so the result wasn't inflexible either.  The single crochet stitches make the hat very dense. 

I guess that helps it stick up just a bit in the back well.  I felt a little like David the Gnome in this, and I think that's a good thing.

Troubles with the construction (okay, with my concentration) aside, I really like this hat.  I think that's why I kept getting more and more flustered every time I messed up the pattern.  I really wanted to wear this hat!  I love the shape and the ear flaps and, of course, those cute braids.

Yay for completed projects!

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