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Crocheting the Hybrid Scarf

I crocheted a shawl!  Sort of!  Fine, I crocheted the Hybrid Scarf from The Cuffed Shawl and More!, but I feel like it's close enough because I can pose like this:

And that's how people pose when they've made shawls.

I really super absolutely love this project.  It's fast, it's beautiful, and once you've set up your pattern you just zone out and crochet along with the Olympics and try to guess which color is coming up next.  The book model is made with Red Heart's Boutique Treasure yarn.

But I looked at what my craft store had to offer and decided to use Lion Brand's Amazing.  It's the Ruby colorway and I will use Amazing just about any chance I get.  Because it looks like this:

I used a J hook instead of the recommended K hook for gauge reasons.  I'm wondering if I should have used an I hook so this wouldn't be as holey, but I have to remind myself that this is kind of a shawl and those tend to get pretty holey.

Because I have to say, this is a bit holey.  This isn't a super thick yarn, and it's crocheted into double crochet stitches.  But because the yarn is super fuzzy (and about 50% wool), I know this will all felt together to the point of never unraveling ever in the next few days and I'm pretty excited about it.  I want this to stick together a bit, get felty, and turn into a well-worn scarf-shawl-beautiful creation of warmth thing that I can enjoy for many more winters.

 I left off the edging because it involves shells and I generally don't like the scalloping look that a lot of crochet projects tend to have.  So I just didn't do it.  I went crazy with another row, and then got carried away and tried to crochet another extra row.

I didn't quite make it.  But it's not too noticeable since I usually wear my scarves all scrunched up.


Also: if you know how to work foundation stitches, I strongly encourage you to start your project with them.  Chaining over 100 stitches wasn't a big deal, but I think working a row with foundation stitches would have given the edge a lot more elasticity.  And that's pretty important if you plan on wearing this as a scarf instead of as a wrap or a shawl.  That's definitely what I'll do the next time I make this.

I realize every time I talk about all the mods I did on a pattern--especially when it's on top of all the mods I'd like to add to a pattern--it sounds like I don't like the pattern.  But I do.

See? Look at how happy I am!

I think a good pattern is one that has clear instructions (duh), gives you a beautiful project (duh), and is flexible.  I feel like that third one deserves a 'duh' as well.  Crafters should be able to add or delete pattern elements from their projects without the whole thing falling apart.  And the Scarf Hybrid had a lot of opportunities to play around with the design--and even gave tips on how to make your shawl larger or smaller!  It's a perfect pattern, and I really would enjoy making this again.

This delightful little project took 3 skeins (450ish yards) of yarn, and a little over 24 hours to make.  It's a pretty perfect weekend project if you're ready to crank out something simple, create a lovely gift, or you feel like you need to keep yourself warm with something new because you've learned that YET ANOTHER cold front is coming through and you have to boost your spirits somehow.
Or maybe you're just a crocheter who's always wanted to be able to take a shawl picture.

I think those are all excellent reasons, and you should definitely take my very biased word for it.

6 thoughts on “Crocheting the Hybrid Scarf”

  • Kimberly Samuel

    JenYour scarf/shawl is lovely. I totally agree that crafters, crocheters, make each project our own by going off script. It's part of our creative nature. As I read your post, I got a big smile for the need something new to wear due to another cold front! I made a quick scarf over the weekend because a cold front was hitting us on Monday.

  • Catherine A. McClarey

    Lovely scarf/shawl/whatever! I've subbed Lion Brand Amazing for Red Heart Boutique Treasure (and vice versa) before, too; I can get the Red Heart Boutique Treasure (but not the Lion Brand Amazing) at the Shopko in my hometown, while at the nearest Walmart I can get Lion Brand Amazing, but not Red Heart Boutique Treasure. The Red Heart is a bit thicker, but they're both pretty fuzzy yarns with long color changes, so the substitution still works. With the extended bout of super-cold weather we've been having in the Midwest, I'm certainly on the lookout for warm scarf, cowl & sweater patterns!BTW, re: foundation double crochet, I needed to learn how to do that for a CAL this month -- and the Leisure Arts instructional video on that stitch was what finally "clicked" for me. A big thank-you to whoever at Leisure Arts made that video!

    • Jen

      Oh man, your comment makes me so happy! I freaking love those videos, especially the ones on foundation crochet. I'm really glad they helped!

  • Libby Schmanke

    What a great little article and I love all the photos you shared! I just have a comment about the "holey" aspect... I've crocheted since I was 15 and am now almost 60... It took me a loooong time to accept and even appreciate this characteristic of crochet, which I tried to eliminate as well by using a smaller hook. What happens is that your fabric becomes stiff and dense, when you want it to drape and flow. Particularly for a scarf or shawl, it doesn't matter if you can "see through it." If you are making a top that won't be layered and don't want it to have holes, I'd go with one of the denser pattern stitches, such as alternating single and half double stitches (and working into the opposite on the alternate row), but again not to use too small a hook as your fabric won't drape as well. I think your project looks just perfect as is, and I wouldn't go any smaller on the hook with that yarn. (It might have worked to go one size smaller than the directions because the Lion is not as thick as the Red Heart, as the previous person observed, or because you work loosely.) Anyway, thank you so much for sharing, I am going to make this pattern too, while I watch the college basketball playoffs!

    • Jen

      I know, I was conflicted! I wanted it to be shawl-like, but maybe not too open. In the end, I only went down one hook size because I think Amazing tends to be fuzzier than the Treasure, so even though the crocheted work is holey I think it will still be a little more solid than if I'd used yarn that was just smaller in general. A big part of my choice was that I just like Amazing better, so I'm happy with it. Thanks for chiming in, and I know you are going to absolutely love this pattern. It's perfect for television crafting, but not monotonous! Enjoy!

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