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I Dream of Garter Stitch

I'm still on a blanket kick.  The project currently occupying all of my thoughts and plans right now is the Mitered Eyelet Blanket from Baby Blankets Made with the Knook.

It's made of many blocks.  Just FYI.

I'm not actually using a Knook to make it, though.  Knitting is just faster for me, and knitting a Knook pattern just means I need the same amount of stitches on my needles as I would have on my Knook.  (On the flip side of that, you can Knook any knit pattern as long as you chain one more stitch than a pattern calls for you to cast on and then set up as many stitches on your Knook as you'll need for your knitting.)

Also, the Mitered Eyelet Blanket is made up of squares in the same color that measure 9".  I wanted 5" squares because I like the look of a five-inch square.  When I have 41 stitches on my Size 7 needles, my squares were about 5" and I bind off.  Your mileage may vary.

When I made the first few blocks, I was just using up some Vanna's Choice scraps.  I wasn't sure if I would just use this project to use up scraps leftover from other projects, or if I would start using other yarns and make this a real patchwork afghan.  Before I could make up my mind, my daughter asked me what I was doing.  She doesn't ask "Why?"  She asks what everyone and everything is 'doing.'  When I told her I was making squares for a blanket, she asked if the blanket was for her little cousin.  I told her it wasn't.  Then she said "How about for me?"

Why not, kiddo?  She loves the fleece blanket I made for her, and she is always my favorite person to knit for.  And she's small.  I could use some bits of yellow and green yarn I'd found, nearly a full skein of blue yarn that I don't know why I have, and that practically full skein of off-white yarn I have left over from the Easy-Going Beanie.  Soon, I was obsessed.  I don't mean that in a 'tee hee, I really like something' sort of way.  I tend to fixate on things, and I picked this pattern out because I wanted to work on something repetitive.  I wanted to make the same thing over and over in different colors until I could make something colorful and happy.

And so I knit.  I cast on the first square on Saturday afternoon.  And then I knit.  And knit.  And knit.  I knit through my daughter's naptime, in the car, on a date with my husband, and while watching the Olympics with friends.  I knit some more in the car on Sunday, and at the park with my family.

I knit while supervising bath time, and during story time, and throughout more naps and after bedtime.  I asked my husband to pick up another skein of Vanna's Choice in the dark red colorway (I don't remember what it is, and he couldn't find a skein with a label) because I only had 1 square of that, and our daughter is a growing girl.

I knitted and every time I finished a square, I'd place it on the floor.  My daughter has been messing with them and laying on my squares.  She keeps asking me who they're for, and I ask her who she thinks they're for.  She knows this is her blanket, and the fact makes us both happy.  The colors get rearranged and the rows get reworked and it's lovely.

At first, I had planned to knit until I ran out of yarn, but now I may 'fixate' on this project until I'm satisfied that it's done.  I think 6 rows of 7 squares will do the trick and my yarn supply should last.  If it doesn't, I'll go ahead and buy more yarn.  I may buy some more yarn anyway and stash it away for the day I need to add on to this blanket.  I've also decided to make 5 or 6 squares with some Red Heart that's a nice medium brown so I'll have plenty of yarn for seaming everything up.  I think I'm nearly finished making squares for this, and I'm glad. 


I had thought I would write a post about this only after all the squares were knitted and seamed together, but I'm going to write about it now because there's nothing else to write about! 

With the exception of Tuesday's dishcloth, I haven't worked on much else this week.  And I haven't even wanted to.  I've been hooking a project bag on my arm and knitting these squares every spare moment I've had away from eating, sleeping, and work.  I've been tempted to work on these at red lights on my commute and I'm not sure why I didn't do that other than maybe because my hands are hurting and driving gives them a break.

I love this project.  I love getting wrapped up in something and only working on one thing that I love.  There's no deadline on this, and my little girl is hardly hurting for blankets.  I guess I'm just working on this because I really and truly need to, and because I really and truly want to.  I should be able to seam everything together and finish this up by next week.  Which is good, because I want to see this in its completed form.   

And because I need to work on something besides this.

But maybe not.  I can't think of a better way to spend my time.

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