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Weekly Dishcloth: Getting Ready for Fat Tuesday

I made the Fast Favorite pattern from Dishcloths

It's a very fast pattern, and it really is one of my favorites.  Okay, most of the patterns in Dishcloths are my favorites.  But I love this pattern, and I really enjoy how using three different colors allows you to carry up your spare yarn without any cutting or weaving.

Pattern model from the book.

And I love colorful dishcloths.

And I believe any pattern can become a seasonal pattern if you play around with your color choices. 
Which is why I made a Mardi Gras dishcloth.

Now that I'm looking at this again, I can see where I had a bit of trouble single crocheting around some of the floats.  I think it usually blocks out on this pattern after a few uses and washings.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it now, but I just thought it would be really fun to make a Mardi Gras dishcloth!  I don't know why!  But I like holiday dishcloths and this seemed like a fun and silly thing to do.  I guess you could make this if you really love Mardi Gras.  Or it could be a hosting gift for someone throwing a party for Fat Tuesday, because you're going to be doing a lot of cleaning up if you're hosting Mardi Gras festivities in your home.

I used Bernat for the yellow and the purple, and Sugar 'N Cream for the green.  I used an H hook because that's typically what I get gauge with when it comes to making dishcloths with worsted weight yarn.  This took about an hour, from pulling out the yarn and pattern book to finishing off and weaving in my ends.  The 'fast' part of the pattern is definitely what makes it a favorite of mine. 

Being so cute and festive doesn't hurt either, though.

Fat Tuesday is two weeks away.   Just think of how many dishcloths you can make between now and then!

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