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Crocheted Easter Eggs!

Easter is about a month away! I started to get into the spirit of the season this past weekend by crocheting the Egg pattern from the Holiday of Holiday Crochet.

They are so cute!  This pattern uses about 20 yards of worsted weight yarn, and I thought this would be a good chance to use up some scraps from dishcloth projects.  The cotton yarn is colorful and cute, but I would use the acrylic yarn called for in the pattern if I did this again.


And I probably will do this again!  My little girl is enjoying playing with these, and in fact I made 4 this weekend.  But when I got ready to take pictures of these last night, there were only 3 to be found.  At least I'll enjoy making this pattern a few more times with yarn that's a little more flexible to work with--goodness knows I have plenty of scraps in all kinds of yarn and I'm sure you do as well.


Since you'll be stuffing your work with fiber fill, it's a good idea to crochet a bit (or a lot!) more tightly by going down a hook size or two.  I almost always have to move down to a G hook or an F hook for all amigurumi projects that are made with medium weight yarn.  This time was no different.  Slightly sore fingers and the mild embarrassment that comes from family members watching you struggle to draw your yarn through a loop is more than worth it for such a cheerfully festive end result.


My little girl loves playing with these--collecting them in a bucket, lining them up in a row, explaining to her dad that there's no candy inside these Easter eggs.  Hours of fun! Once I've made a few more, she can practice egg-hunting throughout our apartment, and we won't be mortally wounded by stepping on these the way we were with plastic Easter eggs.  These are precious, safe for all ages, and don't have candy inside of them?  This is a win/win/win scenario for me.  I feel like I've stumbled upon the perfect Easter crochet project, especially when I take into account how quick and simple this pattern is.

Yes, this is indeed the perfect Easter crochet project.
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