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Crocheting a Fluffy Lamb Hat!

I made the Lamb Hat pattern from Hats & Diaper Covers!*  Then I squealed a little as I stared at my handiwork because this is just too adorable!


Most of the patterns are pretty quick, but the Lamb hat pattern calls for super bulky weight yarn.  You can make this quicker than two shakes of a lamb's tail. (I had to do that!)  But this really is an incredibly quick little project!  The hat is for little heads that are around 3-6 months old, and is only 7 rows.  I went ahead and added an eighth for my much-older daughter.


 Unfortunately, she'll have nothing to do with it.  Ugh, it almost makes me wish I'd crocheted just a few more rows on this to fit me.  This is a darned sweet little hat.  And I haven't even gotten to the ears!


Look at these ears!  So sweet and quick and simple.  It's just two rows, and that includes crocheting in the free loops of the beginning chain.  They're floppy and kind of goofy-looking, and they remind me of a lamb's floppy little ears.  Sometimes it's tricky to find animal hats that aren't too cutesy, but I really like this straightforward look.  And if my little girl decided she wanted a bunny hat, I could definitely convince her that this is a hat for one of those floppy-eared bunnies.

Anything's possible, I guess.  Or this could just turn into a hat for my nephew.  For now, this is sitting all fluffy and cozy in my gift stash.  I used scraps of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Oatmeal and the recommended N hook.  I didn't time myself, but I think I made this in about an hour--and that includes quickly stitching the ears to the hat and weaving in my ends.

I cannot stress how quick and easy this little hat is.  And pictures are not doing it justice.  This would look ten times more precious on a head.  You should try it yourself to find out!

Mark my words, I'll be finding a small person to wear this before Easter and this is going to be amazing and awesome and cute.  There's really nothing else to say, but I keep hoping I'll think of another lamb-related pun so I can put it in here.  But nothing's coming to me, and that's too baaaaaa-d.

I'm really sorry.  Just enjoy this great baby pattern and ignore me.

*I originally linked to Hats & Diaper Covers by accident.  I've fixed the link now.  Hats & Diaper Covers has many lovely patterns, but Hats & Diaper Covers 2 has the pattern for the Lamb set.

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